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For the past decade Harry, the Earl of Wycliff, has worked feverishly to reclaim all that his father had lost. Only one item remains elusive: the Gainsborough portrait of his beloved mother. And the impossibly young, stunningly beautiful widow Louisa Phillips holds the key to finding it. If only he can persuade her to help him . . .

May 15
Harper & Appleton
Cheryl Bolen

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Peg1951 ,


Lord Harry Wycliff has spent years trying to recover everything his father lost (everything the family had). His goal in this story is to purchase the family’s London home from its current owner. Louisa Phillips is a young widow, left with almost nothing, and a bluestocking with radical political views. She lives in the house. The two of them discover that she can’t sell him the house because she doesn’t own it. They strike out together to find the mysterious lord who holds the house. During their search, they fall in love. This will not, however, be an easy and immediate happily ever after. Mistrust and secrets between the two could seriously hinder their chance for happiness.

The Portrait of Lady Wycliff is a wonderful introduction to a new series, The Lords of Eton (who are also introduced in this story). Both the hero and heroine possess strength and a determination to overcome the hardships handed to them in life. The complex plot is full of mystery, danger, secrecy (with a little dishonesty on the part of the hero), romance, and a dose of humor. The secondary love story between Louisa’s sister and Harry’s cousin is sweet and helps bridge the divide between them. This is a good first story that leads me to believe the new series will be an interesting one.

I received an ARC of this book through NetGalley. My review is voluntary.

Eitel19 ,

The Portrait of Lady Wycliff

I enjoyed this book, I have had this book for a long time. I will buy the others later as I have several to read first.

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