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From the bestselling author of The Devil’s Necktie and Blond Cargo comes the latest title in the Jack Bertolino series.

Retired inspector Jack Bertolino straddles two perilous worlds. Known for his impeccable police work, Jack has also done a priceless favor for an infamous Mafia Don: he saved the gangster’s kidnapped daughter from being sold into the sex trade, and brought her safely home.

In Jack’s line of work, he can’t help but have friends—and enemies—on both sides of the law.

So when FBI agent Luke Hunter goes missing after a deep undercover assignment with that same mob boss, the FBI calls Jack in looking for a favor. With his connections and skills, Jack’s the only man for the job: find Luke Hunter, dead or alive.

The mobster operates an illegal gambling yacht in international waters off of Southern California, and when Luke went missing, so did half a million dollars of the mob’s money. As Jack dives into the case, he’ll learn the true mystery isn’t the agent’s disappearance, but something far more ominous...

The Fourth Gunman is a sizzling action-packed thriller that will keep you turning pages until the explosive finale.

Mysteries & Thrillers
March 5
Gallery Books/Karen Hunter Publishing

Customer Reviews

SueJHC ,

Riveting Read!

The Fourth Gunman is a page-turning thriller that takes the reader deep into the worlds of the mafia, the FBI and Jack Bertolino's own private life, which often intertwines with both.

The attention to detail makes you feel like you are part of the action and the different plot lines will keep you engaged and rooting for Jack, right up to the frenetic end!

Jack's human frailties make him a relatable hero, one we can all identify with. Pasta and wine, anyone?

Having read the other Bertolino books in the series, I have come to look forward to Jack's adventures, both professional and personal.

Take some time out for this one. You won't be disappointed.

L Costa LV ,

Jack Bertolino is back!

The Fourth Gunman is the latest book in the Jack Bertolino series and is better than ever! This book is full of action, intrigue, and interesting characters that make reading it a total joy.

I have read all the books in the Jack Bertolino series and this, the fourth one, continues to escalate the action, suspense, and intrigue that are prevalent in this series. It is a new view into the seedy underworld of crime interwoven with the FBI, cops, and investigators all overlapping in a plot to find a killer and save thousands of lives. The story line with its plot twists, speed, and love and hate characters makes it almost impossible to put the book down (or go to bed early)! This is a definite ‘must read’ on anyone’s book list!

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