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Welcome to New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kristen Ashley's Colorado Mountain Series, where friends become family and everyone deserves a second chance.

Love is the greatest gamble of all . . .

Nina Sheridan desperately needs a timeout vacation. With a fianc?àö¬© who can't even remember how she takes her coffee, Nina wants some distance to rethink her engagement. Flying halfway around the world from England to a mountain town in Colorado should do the trick. But when she finds a gorgeous man at her rental cabin, Nina's cold, lonely adventure suddenly heats up.

The owner of the house, Holden "Max" Maxwell is surprised by the beautiful woman who turns up at his door. But when Nina becomes ill, Max spends days nursing her back to health. A private man with a broken heart, Max finds himself drawn to the strong-willed woman. Soon it becomes impossible for Nina and Max to deny their growing attraction to one another. Yet even as these two wounded souls think about taking a chance on a relationship, a secret from Max's past emerges-and threatens to end their love for good.

December 11
Grand Central Publishing
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

ksimms26 ,


Max and Nina’s story might now be one of my absolute favorites. Zero filler in this book; every single word is meaningful and threads the story together perfectly.

audiofilly ,

Too long, too sexist, too repetitive, too fluffy

Mountain Man Max takes London solicitor Nina hostage when she journeys to Colorado to take a time out from her engagement to disengaged London businessman Niles. Nina falls for “wonder Max” the sexy neanderthal who owns a nice cabin in the woods. Someone gets murdered and nobody cares. Nile belatedly appears to talk sense into Nina. Nina is not interested in sense. Some other people—lots of other people show up. All are sugar sweet except for a few, who are icy cold, and a couple who are murderous. Much rich food is cooked and eaten. Many clothes are cared for, worn, and discarded. Many, many F-bombs are dropped. Most of the characters have given up on ordinary words, preferring the F-word in place of adjectives, adverbs, and verbs. Much bragging is done regarding the F-ing of so-and-so by so-and-so. Much public claiming of the heroine is done by the hero.

In short, the hero is a controlling jerk—a stalker-in-waiting, the heroine is an idiot, the reader is disgusted about the lost hours of life. I only slogged to the end to see if I was right about who the murderer was. Disappointingly, I was right, right from the beginning.

The heroine is supposed to have lived in England a long time and everyone else (except for the milksop Niles) is supposed to be from Colorado, but nothing in their modes of expression indicate that. When the Coloradans aren’t talking like something out of Heehaw, they are using words and phrases they must have learned from watching Dr. Who or Sherlock.

All told, this book is a mess, and I won’t be reading this writer again.

I think I got this book for free. I hope so.

Hann35 ,

This is the book that never ends

One dimensional and drags on. The dialog is awful. Babe, honey and darling are in every sentence

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