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Illicit nights with the billionaire…

News of a tragic accident plunges Princess Amelie’s life into turmoil. To escape the swarming press, she takes her newly orphaned nephew and runs, seeking the protection of one man.

Lambis Evangelos desires Amelie beyond all reckoning, but refuses to taint her radiant beauty with the guilt of his past. For years he’s resisted his longing for her luscious body—until Amelie’s arrival at his doorstep draws him too close to her forbidden temptation…

His secluded Greek island is a refuge from the world. There, Amelie and Lambis have no choice—they must yield to their fiery, uncontrollable passion!

November 1
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Customer Reviews

Sissy Boom Boom ,

The Man Gets His Princess

I loved it and don’t want to analyze why. Loved Amelie and Lambis and Seb. Very glad Ms West gave us the epilogue.

Great start to a series! ,

A princess, a strong silent man, a child, and intrigue - marvelous!

The Greek’s Forbidden Princess is Book 2 of Annie West’s The Princess Seductions series. In Book 1, His Majesty’s Temporary Bride, we met Cat, stand-in for her half-sister Amelie, the missing Princess of St. Galla. Now we get to learn more about that missing princess: just where did she go and why, is she coming back and when, is she in danger as Cat feared?

Just because she was raised as a princess, don’t think that Amelie’s life has been any easier than her illegitimate half-sister Cat’s. Amelie lost her beloved mother when she was young. She had to be strong and assume a lot of duties, stepping in to take care of things her father the King wouldn’t or couldn’t. A father who was not always the warmest or nicest man, as evidenced by the fact he fathered his illegitimate daughter shortly after his honeymoon with Amelie’s mother.

After Princess Amelie’s brother King Michel and his wife Irini are killed in a tragic accident, little Prince Sebastien shuts down, not talking or reacting to anything. Amelie doesn’t know how to help him, and if she can’t the scheming-behind-the-scenes Prime Minister Monsieur Barthe will swoop in and take over, which won’t be good for poor little Sebastien or for St. Galla. Amelie can’t let that happen, so she goes to the one person she thinks may be able to help her and Prince Sebastien, his godfather Lambis Evangelos. She once thought her future would be with Lambis, but he rejected her and doesn’t want to help her or Sebastien now. Is he so uncaring? Is she so flawed, so unlovable? Lambis isn’t cold and uncaring. Not at all, but he feels great guilt over events from the past, and he is afraid to try and forgive himself and move beyond them. Amelie won’t give up on Sebastien no matter what Lambis says, and he slowly, very reluctantly begins to help them – and the magic begins.

Annie West has done it again. The perfect ending to The Princess Seduction series. No surprise there, but what a pleasure to read. A princess, a strong, silent man, a child and intrigue, what more do you need? Oh yeah, the hot romance! And there is plenty of that, too! I loved this story. Watching the strong and regal princess who is at the same time so vulnerable and ready to love as the layers of hurt and guilt peel away from Lambis was marvelous. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it without reservation, as I do all of Annie West’s book. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Lynn B888 ,


Resisting temptation may be impossible! With the second book in her Princess Seductions duet, Annie West brings us Princess Amelie’s story. If you read the first book in the duet, you will already recognize her name and know the situation leading up to this book. I really enjoyed the entire duet. They meshed well in having us know bits about what happened in the other book within the story of the one you are currently reading. A strong plot carries the story as we try to figure out what’s going to happen to this sad, innocent little boy.

Princess Amelie of St. Galla has fled her country with her young orphaned nephew in tow. She will do anything in her power to protect him while he has time to heal from the devastating happenings of late. She runs to the one person she can think of who can keep them shielded from the press and the outside world … but having been given the cold-shoulder by him once before, she’s not totally sure he’ll give her the aid she needs!

Lambis Evangelos isn’t thrilled to see Amelie when she shows up at home. For years he’s buried the deep yearning he has for her whenever their paths have crossed and he doesn’t want her nearness to weaken his defenses. He can’t turn his back on her or her nephew, he just hopes that they won’t suffer the consequences of putting their faith in the wrong person.

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