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Fiction Based on Strange, But True, History
True, riveting stories of American criminal activity are explored through a unique stories of historical romantic suspense. Collect them all and be inspired by the hope that always finds its way even in the darkest of times.
When Harriet Peters came to Boston in 1882, the Robinson family took her in like one of their own, and Harriet became closer to Lizzie Robinson than her own siblings. Now, four years later, Lizzie is deathly sick, failing quickly just like several others in her family have done over the past few years. How can so many in one family die from the same mysterious illness? Harriet doesn’t have answers, but she is determined to help the family, bringing in a new-to-the-neighborhood doctor, Michael Wheaton.
           As Harriet and Michael close in on the answer, putting their own lives at risk, can the cause be found before anyone else dies?

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June 1
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kimbnaz ,

What is taking all the members of a family

It’s 1886 in Boston and Harriet Peters has finally gotten what she’s always wanted - her own flat above her own millinery shop. While working in her shop one day, her best friend Lizzie’s brother arrives to ask her to come quickly. Lizzie has taken ill with the mysterious illness that keeps killing members of the family. It’s Harriet’s worst nightmare - the thought of Lizzie dying.

Lizzie’s family had taken Harriet in when she had nothing. Harriet feels completely beholden to them. So when Lizzie’s mother asks her to move back into the house, Harriet reluctantly agrees. The children, Tommy and Gracie need her. But will she be risking her own life by doing so? Are these deaths just a strange illness that has taken the Robinson family? Or is there something more sinister going on? Harriet cannot imagine that there is a serial killer in the Robinson family, still, these deaths one after another by the same illness make no sense.

What I love about this series of novels is that each one takes a real life accounting of crime in our nation’s past and creates a new story including the details of the crime. The True Colors series addresses sometimes horrible crimes, but also includes some Biblical wisdom and teachings. No spoilers here! Read the novel and see whom you think might be responsible! And when you’re done reading The Green Dress, definitely move on to other books in the series. You won’t be disappointed.

61655 ,

More bizarre history

Get out of the house while you can....

Imagine hearing that statement inside your head - several times. Would you be inclined to act on it if it meant life or death? The True Colors series teaches us some rather bizarre history, some of which is almost impossible to believe. It seems, from the observational point, that those unfortunate folks who found themselves in these situations would be inclined to leave town as soon as possible. However, as life is, most of us would have trouble believing that such evil exists and thus would remain.

Harriet Peters arrives in Somerville, Massachusetts all alone. Finding a new family in the Robinsons, she slowly built her life in a new place. When members of her new family die of a mysterious illness, she looks to the new doctor in town to figure out what is killing them. Will their investigation bring further harm or can a diagnosis be found?

Once again I have learned that history can be hard to believe at times. This digital copy was received through Barbour Publishing and NetGalley. My comments and impressions were in no way solicited.

Carol M Smith ,

Liz Tolsma’s The Green Dress

A real life adventure of serial killer involving
the blood chilling and horrific deaths of
members of the Robinson family mixed with
a fictional romance. This combination
makes for a moving historical fiction read.
This story grips you from the beginning.
It intensifies until the final word.
The story takes place in the town of
Somerville, Massachusetts( near Boston).
The time period is the late 1880’s.
Milliner Harriet Peters had sought aide with
the Robinson family. Harriet has her own
shop but when her best friend is dying from
a strange, painful death, Harriet vows to
care for the younger children in the
Robinson household. Harriet moves back in
with the family. She watches as the
matriarch of the family has fainting spells
supposedly caused by the ghost of her
deceased husband predicting death of the
one that is ill. Nothing seems to help save
anyone once the severe stomach pain starts.
Death is the end result!!
Dr Michael Wheaton is a young doctor who
is trying to become established in town. He
gets called in to the Robinson’s by Harriet.
He feels something is amiss in the household.
He fears for Harriet’s safety.
Throughout the story the reader will note
Mrs Robinson making a green dress.
Stunning emotional and gripping read!!
The book is extremely ably plotted and skillfully
written with cleverly crafted characters, well
defined and interesting characters that will pull
on the reader’s emotions. The story will chill
your blood. The reader will feel the terrorizing
and horrifying events along with the all the
character taking part in the drama.
I volunteered on read The Green Dress.
Thanks to Barbour Publishing via Net Gallery
for the opportunity. My opinion is voluntary and
my own.

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