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“If there’s a funnier writer out there, step forward.”

The always outrageous Christopher Moore—New York Times bestselling author of Bite Me, Lamb, You Suck, The Stupidest Angel, and a host of other prime cuts of literary hilarity—joins forces with award-winning screenwriter and director Ian Corson to bring you The Griff. An absurdly entertaining graphic novel about alien invasion—in the grand tradition of Cowboys and Aliens, but considerably more ridiculous—The Griff is vintage Chris Moore…with pictures! Get ready for thrills, chills, and a chain-smoking professional squirrel, in this high-octane tale of the infestation of Earth by extraterrestrial interlopers and the motley crew of humans who save the world…sort of.

Comics & Graphic Novels
July 19
William Morrow

Customer Reviews

JKush68 ,

Please Fix This Book

Just bought it and it only opens the first page!!
Please fix this ASAP
1 Star until its fixed

flaw13 ,

Great except doesn't work well on 1st gen iPad

I really enjoyed this graphic novel, but I am a big Christopher Moore fan. I was extremely disappointed because I bought this novel over a year ago but couldn't read it because it wouldn't open on my 1st gen iPad and it would open on my iPhone 4 but there is no way to zoom on the pages so it was unreadable. Thankfully my new 3rd gen iPad works great with it. They really new to go back and re format the whole book so you can zoom.

Otherwise quite enjoyable, and too short!

Sirnibsalot ,

Just scratches the surface

I've been a fan of Christopher Moore since reading Sequined Love Nun about 15 years ago. I was heading out on vacation and needed something simple and entertaining to help me decompress for a while.

I had never heard of Moore, but the paperback cover had a rendering of the nose of an airplane painted with a woman in nothing but red pumps. I immediately thought, "this Moore guy is an amazingly talented writer!" So I bought the book and all his other work. "The Griff" is the only disappointment. Moore's notes say that this was a pet project that he worked on for fun. It shows.

The illustrations are beautiful as one would expect from the genre, but the ipad format does not support them well. Some frames are only viewable with a magnifying glass. More importantly, several appear to be out of sequence. Either that, or there is some kind of time warp aspect to the story that isn't well fleshed out.

Beyond the mechanical deficiencies, Moore's wit is missing from the dialogue, the story is flat and superficial and the characters are under-developed and not even the comic book curvy heroines are engaging.

If there is a second graphic novel in the future, I will probably pass.

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