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From #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson, the Mistborn series is a heist story of political intrigue and magical, martial-arts action.

Who is the Hero of Ages?

To end the Final Empire and restore freedom, Vin killed the Lord Ruler. But as a result, the Deepness--the lethal form of the ubiquitous mists--is back, along with increasingly heavy ashfalls and ever more powerful earthquakes. Humanity appears to be doomed.

Having escaped death at the climax of The Well of Ascension only by becoming a Mistborn himself, Emperor Elend Venture hopes to find clues left behind by the Lord Ruler that will allow him to save the world. Vin is consumed with guilt at having been tricked into releasing the mystic force known as Ruin from the Well. Ruin wants to end the world, and its near omniscience and ability to warp reality make stopping it seem impossible. She can't even discuss it with Elend lest Ruin learn their plans!

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October 14
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Customer Reviews

Mortifere ,

One of the best series I've ever read

All three books in this series are entrancing, well thought out, and they all think outside the box. The only downside is that they had to end.

Marmotte8249 ,


I could not put the trilogy down. Started with the Way of kings and followed with Words of Radiance and waiting for the next one was checking out other books from him. I am very glad i did so. Brandon Sanderson is a master of fantasy writing.

Quizn0s ,

Amazing Conclusion

An absolutely amazing and original Trilogy comes to a close in the last installment of the Mistborn Trilogy. Every reference in the past books all come full circle in the ultimate ending of a truly epic story. Sanderson still leaves me stunned at how well he planned and executed the plot. I'm looking forward to the next Trilogy set in the Mistborn universe.

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