The Highlander's Choice The Highlander's Choice
Book 5 - Marriage Mart Mayhem

The Highlander's Choice

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The Scottish Highlands, 1815. Lady Sybil Lacey is every inch an English woman. She's horrified her best friend is wedding a barbarian Scot. For aren't Scots naught but brutish, whiskey-swilling lechers? So to find herself secretly attracted to the tall and devastatingly handsome Scottish laird of Bedlay Castle is quite disconcerting...

Liam MacBride is convinced that English ladies are silly sassenachs who think of nothing but social events and clothes. So why is he intensely drawn to Lady Sybil? All they do is quarrel...until loathing turns into undeniable lust.

A tempestuous, fiery romance between an English lady and a Scottish laird cannot end well.

The Marriage Mart Mayhem series is best enjoyed in order.
Reading Order:
Book #1 The Elusive Wife
Book #2 The Duke's Quandary
Book #3 The Lady's Disgrace
Book #4 The Baron's Betrayal
Book #5 The Highlander's Choice
Book #6 The Highlander's Accidental Marriage
Book #7 The Earl's Return

July 14
Entangled Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

glhince ,

characters are cleverly drawn with traits that are familiar and their dialogue feels real

The first I have read in this series or from this author, I found the book worked well without being familiar with the earlier installments of the series. The premise is simple: women of the Regency era were in need of ‘protection’ from a man, and a prestigious marriage is the most sought-after option. And from this rather simple premise and a mistrustful acquaintance to love story we have The Highlander’s Choice.

Lady Sybil is very much a woman of her time, so it is no surprise that she is a touch horrified at her best friend Margaret’s betrothal to a Scottish Laird. Ill will runs deep between the English and the Scots at this time, memories are long and the titled Scotsmen that are more ‘Scots” than absentee British peers are second-class citizens, rough and somehow ‘foreign’ to most English sensibilities. And Sybil’s thoughts do not deviate from that stereotype. But soon her world is set to change when she accompanies her best friend to the wedding in Scotland.

Liam MacBride is the laird of Bedlay Castle, and his thoughts on “English ladies’ are as dismissive and stereotypical as one would expect. Not to mention that Scotland is a wholesale change from London drawing and ballrooms, and the women of England are entirely unsuited to those differences. Retiring and more restrained as per their own upbringing, he mistakes (or assumes) the silence and agreeable demeanor is cover for candyfloss for brains, and wants nothing to do with them.

Imagine his surprise when Sylvia entertains and intrigues him: he enjoys the bickering and sniping that are prevalent in the early chapters in the book. Soon, the bickering settles and the two find some common ground, even as Liam’s mother is determined that the English girl is unsuitable, unwanted and unwelcome. Callie Hutton uses her talent well here: characters are cleverly drawn with traits that are familiar and their dialogue feels real and possible. Moments of humor are well set, keeping the animosity at a slow simmer, rather than boiling over despite the dissenting opinions and desires. Fast paced, cleverly set twists and turns truly set tests for Sybil and Liam, if they survive it all, their burning attraction just may be something more.

I received an eARC copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

Stanhop3234 ,


I love this series so much. Callie Hutton has such a way with historical romance, whether it be Regency or Western. Her words take you to that time and place and your totally wrapped up in the story.
While this is not my favorite book in the series so far I did truly enjoy it. It's was a good story of not judging a book by its cover and getting to know the person for who they are not what they are...Scottish vs English. Sybil has grown up being told the barbarian ways of the Scots and Liam the entitled and demanding ways of the English. After spending time together they begin to see the good in each other and how this might just be the future they've been looking for if they can get passed their prejudice.
I am looking forward to reading Sarah's book next.
I highly recommend this series they are not stand alone books and should be read in order to fully enjoy each book.

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