Book 3 - Highland Alliances

The Highlander's Stolen Bride

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A dramatic enemies-to-lovers romance from New York Times bestselling author Madeline Martin!

From dutiful bride…

To the laird’s unwilling hostage!

Kidnapping Elspeth MacMillan on her way to an arranged marriage is the only way for new laird Calum Campbell to avoid more bloodshed and bargain peace for his people. Calum expects her fury but doesn’t expect the feisty lass to break through his defenses into his heart. With war waging between their families, will they ever be able to yield to love?

From Harlequin Historical: Your romantic escape to the past.

Highland Alliances

Book 1: The Highlander's Substitute Wife by Terri Brisbin
Book 2: The Highlander's Tactical Marriage by Jenni Fletcher
Book 3: The Highlander's Stolen Bride by Madeline Martin

March 29
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Customer Reviews

Suz Clark ,

intriguing romance

The Highlander’s Stolen Bride is book three in the Highland Alliances series. Book one is The Highlander’s Substitute Wife by Terri Brisbin. Book two is The Highlander’s Tactical Marriage by Jenni Fletcher. I enjoyed The Highlander’s Stolen Bride but I didn’t think it was as strong as Martin’s other books. I found myself skimming in spots around the middle of the book. However, towards the last few chapters the pace picked up and I couldn't’ put the book down. There are quite a few steamy scenes throughout the story. And though this is the third in the series, I don’t think it's necessary to read all three to follow the plot of this story. At the time of this review, only one of the books has been released. Not my favorite book by this author, but still a strong romance.

miaburke54 ,


Madeline Martin’s “The Highlander's Stolen Bride” (Highland Alliances Book 3)

Whether it’s medieval Highlanders or World War I and II drama Madeline Martin is always an exceptional read! I am always excited when she has a new book out and this one does not disappoint.

After being kidnapped by the new Laird, Calum Campbell, out of desperation to stop the warring between their clans and save his people from starving, the feisty lass, Elspeth MacMillan, filled with fighting anger at first, breaks down his defenses and these two fall in love. But what of her warring brother? Does Callum have a bargaining chip? Is there any hope for a love between these two to survive?

There’s a wonderful chemistry and a blazing fire between these two that develops into a passionate love story. The buildup was perfect and the author has excellent timing as always. With so much bloodshed on both sides there doesn’t look like much chance for peace. When Elspeth starts to show compassion for the light of Callum and his clan their love story is inevitable.

The characters are amazing and it’s so easy to feel for them and their situations. It’s clear to see the love between Elspeth and Callum and to root for them despite their circumstances.

The tensions within this fantastic story are so palpable you could cut them with a knife. This is a fast paced, action packed, wonderful enemies to lovers tale with a well calculated and executed plot, a swoon worthy, noble and courageous hero, and an intelligent, perceptive heroine. The timing throughout the story is perfect and the author pulls you in from the start and holds you captivated until the end. Madeleine Martin does not disappoint!

I loved the story, the characters and the authors writing is as always exceptional. While this book is definitely a standalone book, I must recommend the first to books in this exciting series by such amazing authors, Terri Brisbin and Jenni Fletcher. Ms. Martin did manage to wrap the series up beautifully, tying up any loose ends from previous books. I so often held my breath in anticipation and enjoyed it thoroughly!

Thank you so much Ms. Martin for the beautiful story of love! You have once again transported me to the past with this splendid story.

CelticBarb ,

Phenomenal Series Finale

Book:The Highlander's Stolen Bride
By Madeline Martin
Series:Highland Alliances, Book #3
Release Date: 3/29/2022
Publisher : Harlequin
Number of pages: 267
Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars
Blog Rating: 5/5 Saltire Flags

Argyll, Scotland 1360

All three MacMillan siblings had been forced into marriage with clans for strong and wealthy alliances Especially after half there clan had been slaughtered by Alexander Campbell’s Clan. A traitor who had been exiled to Ireland by the King and his castle and lands were forfeited awarded to the MacMillan clan. At least now he was dead but now they had to deal with his son Calum.

Elspeth MacMillan had been waiting in the abbey waiting for her betrothed Liam MacLachlan. A man she considered more like a brother having grown up with and she also knew he was self-centered and very spoiled by his family and clan. She had no romantic feelings and dealing with a man who was so vain and everyone coddled was not something Elspeth was looking forward to in this marriage. Unlike her brothers who both ended with love matches hers would never turn into love.

Now the Abbey Elspeth had been residing at had been attacked, as it was obvious they were looking for her to use as some sort of pawn for ran to som. So she went to hide at Castle Barron where her brother Fergus and new wife Coira lived. Now she was on her way to castle Lachlan where she will meet and marry Leith MacLachlan. On the way Elspeth had a bad feeling and she was correct they were attacked by their enemies the Campbell’s . Now that Alexander was dead his son Calum was the new Laird and abducted Elspeth and brings her to Ireland. Except Calum is not the monster his father was, as he can’t even feel any remorse for his own father’s death knowing how horrible he was. This father had always criticized and abused Calum because he looked for peaceful solutions to problems to avoid war. He only abducted Elspeth to use as leverage to ease his clan’s suffering and for peace and to get his lands in Scotland returned.

Calum had heard all the rumors of how unattractive Elspeth was when she was younger, but it was obvious she had blossomed. As Elspeth MacMillan was the most beautiful woman he ever saw in his life. She also starts to understand that the Campbell’s were far from living in a palace and in luxury and were near starving living on a barren land. Calum and Elspeth start falling for each other and she wants to help his people.

Yet her brother won’t agree to peace as the Campbell’s are still attacking and killing on Macmillan land. So Elspeth starts to wonder if she’s been a fool to trust a man who really wants to kill and maim! Will Calum ever be able to convince Elspeth that his heart is pure and he truly does want peace between their two clans? Even though she is falling for a man from an enemy clan, will she marry a man that Is like a brother? Will her brother the MacMillan Laird ever accept a Campbell’s word or will he make him pay with his life for kidnapping his baby sister? Read this and find out.

I have been reading Madeline Martin since her very first Highlander debut book as an independent author. Now she’s with many publishing houses like Harlequin and I couldn’t be happier for all her success as a New York Times Best Selling Author! Madeline Martin pens another brilliant story that definitely pulled my heart strings. This is the last book in the phenomenal Highland Alliances series. Each book is interlinked with a MacMillan sibling who needs a strong clan alliance since the common enemy is the exiled Campbell clan who is attacking them. Due to Alexander Campbell’s betrayal, it is former Campbell lands that the King awarded to the MacMillan clan.

Bestselling authors Terri Brisbin, Jenni Fletcher and Madeline Martin all did a wonderful collaboration which I absolutely loved. It is filled with all the elements Scottish historical romance readers love! I have to admit I am a little melancholy now that I have finished this marvelous series. If you love a riveting, awe-inspiring, fast-paced, romantic Scottish adventure filled with deception, betrayal, mystery, suspense, passion and steaming hot romance. You definitely don’t want to miss “The Highlander's Stolen Bride” By Madeline Martin! You can read as a stand alone book but personally I highly recommend your read all three books. I am definitely happy I read all three! I can’t recommend this book or the entire series enough.

Highland Alliances Convenient marriages to save their clan!

Highland Alliances Series

Book 1: The Highlander’s Substitute Wife
by Terri Brisbin
Book 2: The Highlander’s Tactical Marriage
by Jenni Fletcher-TBR 2/22/2022
Book 3: The Highlander's Stolen Bride
by Madeline Martin-TBR 3/29/2022

Disclaimer: I received an advance reader’s copy from Harlequin Publishing. I voluntarily agreed to do an honest, fair review and blog through netgalley. All thoughts, ideas and words are my own.

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