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Eliza Knight's bestselling Scottish historical romance series, The Stolen Bride Series, is back with another amazing tale of adventure, passion and love!

Ceana Montgomery had notions of marrying for love after her first disastrous marriage ended in widowhood. But now Robert the Bruce has ordered her to marry a stranger, securing a strong alliance and ending a decades-old feud. Already used as a pawn once in marriage, she is devastated that she will once more have to give up her happiness in order to please the edicts of men. And while the braw warrior standing before her might incite feelings inside her she thought long since buried, desire is a far cry from love.

The rivalry between Brochan Lamont and his twin brother, John, began in the womb, and only grew worse from there. They were pitted against each other in childhood, and their father left them with a legacy that was a race to the finish—whoever has an heir first inherits the lands. The only problem is that Brochan has given his loyalty to the Scots, and his brother to the English. In order to keep the lands and ships under Scottish control, Robert the Bruce demands Brochan marry to break the iron-clad will. His new bride harbors a fiery temperament that lures Brochan into stoking her passions instead of her ire.

Aligned to strengthen the Scottish claims on the realm, Brochan and Ceana must work together to overcome the obstacles that bind them. But perhaps seeing their duties through does not have to be as painful as they both predicted. Is it possible that love can be forged from a union born in alliance? Maybe Fate knew all along just who was meant for who...

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September 17
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