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"You do not have to be a deeply spiritual person to understand what the human element is, or how it applies to you, or what you are supposed to do with this book once you read it."

This is the story of becoming, the process of actualization that we all go through, especially when we are most unaware that it’s happening. Written with striking familiarity and uncanny understanding, this book will open your heart and touch your soul by putting into words the things that are both deeply rooted and hidden in us that we miss them even when they are most transparent. 

The human element is the thing that binds us, the thing we have to overcome, how we have to stop standing in our own way and let everything unfold. It is a philosophical take on what it means to overcome humanness by acceptance, initially realized through the experiences of sleep paralysis and other awakenings.

July 29
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Customer Reviews

Natalia Zea-Dremann ,


I read this book in one day. The second I started reading it, I couldn't stop. I love her insight and outlook! Great read. Very happy with this purchase!!! Five star for sure. Thank you

Tearaadya ,

Sometimes you just need that reassurance that you're not alone.

I absolutely love this book. It is a fast and down to earth read. I felt like my big sister was nudging me along reassuring me. Sometimes even when you're surrounded by others you're still living a lonely path. Being awakened at an early age and point in life (now being 27) makes you feel even more alone since no one really understands. I'm also from an extremely religious family and it's frowned on when I share with them. I've only been in one relationship that has had understanding light of this. I have a small circle of friends that can also relate. It's wonderful to read someone else's experiences and outlooks that are extremely similar. I fell on this book by chance looking thru iBooks. I've not seen or heard of it before. I've shared it with everyone on my IG and Tumblr. I hope more people out there get the rest, peace and comfort of not being alone. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the world! I definitely enjoyed it these past couple of hours!

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