The Interview

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After protecting her billionaire boss's scandalous private life from the media, Lacey is offered a promotion to become his private assistant -- but is she willing to serve as his personal plaything after hours? 

This ebook contains very hot and explicit descriptions of romantic activity. Only mature readers should download this book.

January 14
Chase Leavitt

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Klc350248 ,

The Interview; Apple Books review

Story: 2/2 stars
Were some of the plot points and details a little too convenient (like Lacey's phone not working properly)? Probably, but I didn't hate that fact all that much. How else would the plot have moved forward if it weren't for that tiny technical mix-up? Answer: it wouldn't have and then we wouldn't have this story to begin with. Did the story have everything we typically see in a romance book? Maybe not. But it's a short story/novella; there will be some beats that are combined for not shown yet because there are three other books when the beats can show up. There was an external conflict that drove the love interests together; there was the pull together and the push apart; and there is an ending that isn't a Happily Ever After but it leaves me wanting more to get to that HEA.

Characters: 2/2 stars
As of right now, these characters are basic. But I don't mean basic as in boring or simple or anything remotely negative. I mean basic as in this book created a great foundation for the rest of the series. The first book gives readers a sense of who these characters are pre-meet-cute and during their meet-cute/first real interaction. They aren't supposed to change that much in the span of 30 pages, but this book does allow these characters the chance to start their grow and develop further over the course of the next three books. The character development has been sparked and the fire will only grow. I, for one, am excited to see how these two grow together (or apart) over the course of the series.

Writing: 1/2 stars
The writing style wasn't bad. That right there sounds negative and like the writing was bad. Overall, I didn't mind the voice and style while reading. Other than the dialogue between Sarah and Lacey in the beginning having a weird pacing, the dialogue was purposeful and moved the story along.

(Here's the "but") But I noted many small errors in my version. Really small errors that could have been easily avoided with another read-through. If you don't mind this sort of thing, then you should be fine. But for me, because I noted and the errors tripped me up, I had to reread sentences a few times until I was like "oh, that's what she meant."

Experience: 2/2 stars
In all honesty, I had downloaded this book a while ago and wanted to read something fun and quick now. I didn't intend to read any other books in the series because my TBR list is constantly growing. But let me tell you about this ending (no spoilers I promise)! I laughed (not in a mocking or negative way at all). I loved it so much. And it was what Jordan did (that shouldn't have worked) that I want to read the rest of the series now. Of course Christopher would be like "in order to fight for Lacey, this is the only logical step I need to do" and it's not logical at all (not for a broke recent-grad with student loans such as me). A man like Christopher with all the money in the world can get away with the ending.

Aftermath: .5/2 stars
The biggest aftermath I'm getting from this book is how to balance suspense with the short story/novella form. For instance, we almost immediately learn who the voice on the phone was (the person who wanted to blackmail Christopher). And while on one hand, yes, we need to have that information quickly. Having the readers know the same time as Lacey found out made sense, and the confirmation at the blackmailer at the end worked. Yet I still wondered if there was a way to lengthen that mystery just a little bit. Whether that be having the readers experience Lacey trying to figure it out before she has that "ah-ha" moment. I guess my question is how much does the form allow for mystery here.

I read another review that critiqued the limo scene between Christopher and Lacey. The reviewer made valid points about how that scene was closer to bondage yet there were no safe words discussed. And as Christopher seemed well-verse in that community, I would think that he would establish boundaries and the like. I didn't mind the scene during my reading and I thought it was consensual. Yet this is giving me something to think about.

fatmanlies ,

Great story

The chemistry between the characters is amazing. The way it ended definitely wants you to know more. Great book!

bookreader#2 ,

A+ in Chemistry

I like the chemistry between the characters

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