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Nestor and Nathan Kiklu are the twin sons of Harry Keogh, the Necroscope. United by blood, they also share some of their father's awesome powers--but what they do with those gifts cannot be more different!

Nathan takes up the struggle against the metamorphic vampires, while Nestor, fascinated by the vampires' eerie evil, has become his twin's worst nightmare: a Wamphyri Lord!

Harry Keogh's sons have become the bitterest of enemies, each determined to destroy the other. When next they meet, one will surely die!

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Fiction & Literature
April 1
Tom Doherty Associates

Customer Reviews

Khanfused ,

Great Series

Love this series. Waiting for iBooks to get the last book "Blood Wars" on here as well. Come on already! You have the opportunity to become the premier e-library,but people will go to other e-distributors if they have to wait to get the next book in the series. They also want their old favorites from the same authors. Were paying more for less because of speed and convenience. When we can't get that well go back to paperbacks for half the price and speed of marketing of regular publishing. Think about it. Lead the market or get out of the way. I hope you decide to lead myself.

Wåmphryi ,

Great book... need rest of series.

Thanks a bunch for more of vampire world series, but we really need Blood Wars. Plus the original five books would be great.

... and if the lost years books wouldn't be too much trouble....

1badpenguin ,

Missing the best ones

Where are the original Necroscope series?? I want them.

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