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Very good read!  A page turner that I could not put down.

—AC, Net Galley Reviewer

Passion and secrets swirl--and the battle between Hestia Wright and her enemies continues--in another delicious installment of the Half Moon House series.

Miss Callie Grant has hidden her true identity her entire life, but now elements from her past are threatening to destroy England’s future.  To save someone she loves, she agrees to a dangerous mission--and to masquerade as the bride of Lord Truitt Russell.

Lord Truitt wants only one thing--to restore his honor.  Only the capture of the Wicked Lord Marstoke will do the job.  But the intimacy of playing husband to the gorgeous, infuriatingly independent Callie Grant proves a temptation difficult to resist.  In the end, which will he choose?  Honor or Love?

May 22
Deb Marlowe
Deb Marlowe

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Peg1951 ,


Marstoke is at it again, or still at it. Tru and Callie are teamed to try to find and stop him. They have some unpleasant history, but reluctantly agree to work together. Tru wants restore his honor and his name. Marstoke has Callie’s sister, and she wants her back. Hester wants him caught, his past abuse paid for and his present danger removed. There are a lot of secrets in this one. I love the way Hester’s are revealed slowly as the story unfolds. This one is full of intrigue, action, betrayal, and a lot of danger. Callie and Tru begin to like each other, but not to trust each other. They start working together in opposite directions and at somewhat cross-purposes. This could be a problem for the mission and their budding relationship. Can they find Marstoke? Can Callie convince Hetty to come home with her? Will Tru reclaim his honor and restore his name? These headstrong people and their cohorts will certainly try. The Half Moon house stories have strong characters and interesting plots. The Leading Lady is no exception. I recommend the book and the series.

I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley and volunteered to review it.

Stanhop3234 ,


If you had a chance to change your life even if it means letting go of something or someone even if it might break your heart would you take it?
Callie Grant is a girl who only ever thinks of others and never takes time for herself. She protects the women of Half Moon House against nasty husbands, pimps and thieves. She’s always getting someone out of trouble even at her own peril. She can take care of herself shes been trained to keep safe and fend off attackers.
Lord Truitt Russell has spent several months nursing his wounded pride. Jumping to save someone put him in the middle of a treasonous venture and he nearly escaped without being hanged. Now he must redeem himself and reclaim his reputation by finding Marstoke who forced him into that situation.
Callie’s best friend married Truitt’s brother the Duke, they’ve disliked each other since. With Callie looking for the girl Marstoke took from Half Moon House and Truitt searching for him as well they are asked to combine forces. They must push back their dislike for each other and act as husband and wife and make it believable.
They begin to see the good in each other, see the person they really are and start to form a intimate friendship they thought was impossible. Can they tell each other their life’s secrets and totally trust in the other and open themselves to possible ridicule or will they make a friend for a lifetime? Not confiding in each other and thinking they are protecting the other from possible dangers may end the fragile hold they have on their hearts. The new found trust they have may crumble and never be repaired.
I’ve really enjoyed this series, this one had a great storyline but it drag a bit for me and didn’t keep my attention as much as the others. The best part of the book was the last 30 or so pages when Callie and Truitt found what they really needed out of life.

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