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With the publication of The Average American Male -- and the release of the shocking viral videos that made it a water-cooler sensation -- Chad Kultgen became one of the most talked-about authors of recent years. Now, with The Lie, Kultgen returns with an even more salacious -- yet also more searching -- novel that reaches deeper into the craven inner workings of some of most depraved minds in America: college students.

His subjects are Brett, the rich hedonist whose appetite for sex is matched only by his contempt for women; his best friend, Kyle, the brooding science geek whose good intentions lead him to one disastrous decision; and Heather, the social-climbing sorority girl who has the power to destroy them both. As this devil's triangle plows through four years of college, Kultgen offers a astonishing take on the wild and amoral universe of college today: a frathouse world where sex is social currency, status means everything -- and winner takes all.

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

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October 6
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Customer Reviews

wfrankel2 ,

A Good Read

I read The Average American Male and decided to go right to this one. This is definitely a deeper read than the previous book and has much better character development and a more developed plot. I was somewhat ready for it to be over maybe 75 pages earlier than it was, but I did enjoy it. Also, while each characters' day to day escapades remain completely far-fetched (like the previous book), there is something about the underlying themes that characterize each one that is completely realistic. Knowing that Kultgen is a relatively new author, I think his work will continue to get more and more interesting and more and more thought-provoking, and I will continue to read hIm.

Life is a ,

Why the ending?

-apart of me wants to accept the fact that no book has a perfect ending. Everyone got screwed.... But worst of all the main character got screwed the most... Great read, enjoyable and makes you want to send your kids to community college.

scorp1977 ,

Ok ... So, um yeah

Vulgar, hopeless,and incredible! I rPicked thus bad boy up after reading the average American male and seriously like couldn't put it down. It has everything I needed for a cheap way to entertain myself. When you read be prepared to spend some time as you too will not be able to put it once once you've been acquainted to the 3 characters the story revolves around.

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