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The Lockwood Chronicles Volume 2 contains episodes 6-7 of the Lockwoods’ story.

Episode 5: Forsaking All Others
Lucian Davignon is out for revenge. His one true love, April, was murdered ruthlessly, and he is determined to hunt down her killer. But when he finally does, things don’t go quite as planned, and he ends upon the Lockwoods’ doorstep, mortally wounded and near death.

Alexander and Madeline take him in to help him heal and give him time to recover. But the vampire hunter he’d faced traces him to the Lockwood home. Now, Madeline faces the same danger that took April. Both men vow to protect her, but is Lucian's concern more than that of a friend? What had really drawn him to London?

Alexander is suspicious from the start. What is going on between the two people he loves most in the world? And how far will it go?

Episode 6: A Second Chance
After Alexander left Madeline, she fled the memories that were all around her in London. She couldn’t go home, so she found herself in New York City. She goes about her days and nights in a daze, oblivious to those around her. Then, one night she meets Caleb, and his interest in her is intoxicating. But she feels a familiar presence, and knows that Alexander is near.

Madeline had warned him not to expect her to welcome him back with open arms when he’d left her, but unable to tolerate such a distance between them, Alexander has followed Madeline, all the way to America. He watches over her from afar, wanting nothing more than to be with her but still unable to give her that which she wants the most—an apology.

Caleb has secrets of his own, and someone has decided that Madeline must never be allowed to join with him, a bond that would create a power the world has never seen. Now Alexander and Caleb find themselves in an unlikely alliance, competing for Madeline's affections while fighting for her life.

Episode 7: Love Stories
Alexander and Madeline: Their love is strong, but is threatened by a vow made in anguish.

Lucian and Elisabeth: Their love is forbidden, but irresistible.

Caleb and Anora: Their love will create a power unrivaled among their kind.

Charles and Brianna: Their love started out pure and beautiful, but it was tainted by a careless act of violence.

Four couples bound by love and hatred, friendship and animosity, loyalty and betrayal. These are their stories—of passion, need and tragedy; of new beginnings and long-awaited endings.
Volume 2 is the second book in the Lockwood Chronicles Collections. It contains adult situations and some violence and is recommended for readers over 18 years of age.

January 23
Katrina LaFond
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