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The Lockwood Chronicles Volume I

The Lockwood Chronicles Collections

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The Lockwood Chronicles Volume 1 contains the first four episodes of the Lockwoods’ story.

Episode 1: A Chance Meeting
When Madeline Connors stepped off the plane in London, she stepped into a whole new world—a dark and dangerous world that had only ever existed for her in books and movies. All it took was a moment's distraction and she collided with Alexander Lockwood. One look into his crystal blue eyes and she was lost, in love before she even knew his name.

Alexander knew he should stay away from Madeline for her own good, but the passion in her emerald eyes and the call of her blood was too much for him. Even though he knew that falling in love with her would expose her to danger, he couldn't stay away. He’d wanted to ease her into his world gently, to give her the choice, but a moment of brutal violence and Madeline's life changed forever.

Episode 2: Reunions
When most people attend their high school reunions, they worry that they’ll look old, or fat, but very few worry that their former classmates will discover that they’re a vampire. For Madeline Lockwood, however, this is foremost in her mind when she and Alexander travel to America, to her hometown in Illinois, to attend her 20 year high school reunion. But things take a turn for the decidedly worse when Alexander and her mother are drugged and Alexander is kidnapped by vampire hunters.

Now, Madeline must rely on powers that she’s only just learning to use in her search for Alexander and his captors. New enemies and old conspire to keep them apart. Can she find him before it’s too late?

Episode 3: Unchained Darkness
Alexander Lockwood, normally so polite, considerate and loving, has changed. He’s being hostile to Madeline, refusing her advances, and leering at other women. He knows this is happening, and he doesn’t know why, but what worries him more is that he also realizes he’s been losing time, falling asleep at the office for no reason, and forgetting things.

Madeline is at a loss to explain the changes in Alexander. After twenty married years, she was certain that she knew him so well. Why would he hide such violent tendencies, pretend for so long that he was someone he wasn’t? No, she knows that something’s happened to him, that something is seriously wrong. She loves him more than anything, and she’s determined to have him back. But how can she, a vampire of little more than two decades, hope to stand up to a one with the power of nine centuries?

Then, one night, he loses control. He does something for which Madeline may never forgive him, and then he disappears. When his old friend, Lucian, who loves Alexander like a brother, offers to help, Madeline is hopeful. But will Lucian only make things worse? Or will they be able to save Alexander before he’s too far gone?

Episode 4: Origins
Over 900 years ago, Alexander Lockwood was just Alexander, a soldier, hoping to one day have sons to carry on his name. He didn’t expect anything beyond that as he spent his days training and his nights carousing with the other soldiers. But then he met Stormy—and then he died. And nothing was ever the same for him again.

Madeline Lockwood had always thought that her family was normal. She had no idea the legacy that had been passed down through the generations. So she’d assumed that it was all a happy coincidence, meeting Alexander, his changing her world and taking her out of the ordinary.

But Madeline and Alexander had a connection that went back centuries. Perhaps their meeting in that airport was not an accident, but fate’s way of bringing together two people who’d always been destined to meet. And if it hadn’t been for one woman, the link they’d never known about, they would never have met.
Volume 1 is the first book in the Lockwood Chronicles Collections. It contains adult situations and some violence and is recommended for readers over 18 years of age.

June 7
Katrina LaFond
Draft2Digital, LLC

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