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"Where you are going, nooo one else can go."

Haunted by a tribal witch doctor's words in Africa, Jeremy Braddock sets off in search of the answers to our questions about love, truth, and life.

But Jeremy is a man like many men, and the universe has his number and knows just how to dial him into the allure of love. From Kenya to Costa Rica, San Francisco to Saint Petersburg, India to China, Jeremy takes us on a rollercoaster ride that reveals to us the masters (and their timely messages), the maniacal beauty of this planet, and the greatest mystery of all - the 'one thing' we came here to know.

David Scott's novel is an adventure in search of the spiritual, speaking to anyone interested in meditation, personal transformation, philosophical discourse, and relationships at all levels. If Elizabeth Gilbert and Paulo Coelho had co-created on a self-help, synchronicity-filled visionary fiction it might have been The Longest Distance. For fans of fables and parables, who ate up Eat, Pray, Love, keep The Alchemist on their bedside tables, and adored Mitch Albom's The Time Keeper, this literary novel will open hearts and minds to the greater truth within all of us. And a love that we're never too late to awaken to.

Part love story, part adventure mystery, part travel guide for the soul, The Longest Distance is a meditation in traveling from our heads to our hearts, and an awakening to what lies within.

Fiction & Literature
June 12
David Scott Clegg
Ingram DV LLC

Customer Reviews

jenaleepaige ,

A Must-Read

The author had me captivated from the very beginning. The first scene had me right in the story connecting with the main character. This book took me on an adventure to so many places building my emotions and the need to read more with each new stop along the way.

Jeremy, the main character, really is just like any of us. He knows that what is taking place in his life is not working, but yet does not have the discipline to change it. Through the struggles, the peaks and the in betweens, Jeremy continues to show that when you have had enough, change will happen.

This is definitely a must-read for anyone who has had any questions about themselves, about love, about a higher self. This book will bring your heart to surface with the need to share with others. Even if you do not have these questions, I still highly recommend this book. There is a message for any reader within this journey.

It has a beautiful flow of the language throughout the book that brings inspiration and loving to anyone who reads it. I found it a truly inspirational and motivating novel. The author has a creative way of weaving in quotes and phrases from historical figures throughout the book. The way this is written is truly beautiful.

Highly recommended.

TammiJeanA ,

This Book is AMAZING.

Absolute must read! Like Eat, Pray, Love -- only with a man (finally!). The book takes you across the world, raises thoughtful questions, and inspires you to go higher, whatever your beliefs. I loved the masters that showed up throughout. And the main character was a serial conversationalist (which I could identify with). The writing is poetic, witty, mystical at times, and revealing. Messaging too. It spoke to me and made me think about ‘the one thing I came here to know.’ Loved it! Finally, a book from a man that gives us girls hope. Buy it! Read it! Then try not to be moved to, well, move. Jeremy Braddock, you rock!!!

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