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This Matt Christopher classic story of a boy and his lucky baseball bat will capture readers' imaginations while teaching them vital lessons about the importance of friendship, teamwork, and believing in themselves.
When Martin moves to a new neighborhood, he wants nothing more than to make a good impression on his new teammates. After all, Martin loves baseball more than anything, and all he wants is to prove he's worth his spot on the team. And with his lucky baseball bat in hand, what could go wrong?
But when that same lucky baseball bat goes missing, Martin completely loses his ability to play baseball. But even though he's lost his talent, Martin might just find something else: the value of friendship, his own confidence, and maybe, just maybe, a place on the team.
Celebrating over six decades on bookshelves, this classic, timeless story of baseball, friendship, and confidence continues to captivate and delight new generations of readers.

Young Adult
September 3
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Hachette Digital, Inc.
Grades 3-7

Customer Reviews

Lfktor ,

Quick pick me up

Just sitting at the pool looking for a book to start. I didn't plan on being there long enough to finish one. Found this one. Before I knew it, I was done. Having played baseball my whole life and having a 10 year old son who plays now, I did not stop smiling the whole time I was reading. Most short stories are either really easy to predict or lack substance. Not this one. Perfect!!! Looking for more by this author as we speak. A must read!!

Smccleary ,

The Lucky Baseball Bat -8 yr old view

It was a great book because Marvin kept trying and didn't give up. The baseball was real little league and what Marvin felt when he struck out was what I felt too. I really liked how he kept trying. You should read Matt Christopher books because he likes sports and boys would like his writing. I recommend this book to kids who like sports and who like realistic sports descriptions
From Sam an 8 yr old.

KRM2 ,

Lucky baseball bat

One of the best books i ever read

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