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If Josie Garcia's marriage were on the rocks, at least she could drink it like a vodka cranberry. Things are much worse than that. 

Lately, Josie and her husband Paul clash like peanut butter and pickles. He's constantly working, and when he's not working, he's thinking about work. Josie, a teacher, throws herself into her own career, applying for the principal position at her school. When Josie's best friends, Summer Gray and Delaney Collins, see her marriage falling apart, they stage The Marriage Intervention. Their list of rules is designed to reignite the flame between Josie and Paul.

Josie tries to follow The Rules, but her current boss, Scott—who also happens to be her former lover—is making things really hot in the principal's office. Scott is sweet and charming, and most importantly, he gives Josie the affection she's been craving. Josie has vowed to work on her marriage, but she can't seem to resist Scott's attention. 

If Paul—or worse, Summer and Delaney—find out about her relationship with Scott, Josie risks losing her marriage. 


"This was a great sequel. I tend to like the first book the best of any trilogy but this second book was even better than the first! The author writes in a way that makes you feel like you really know these women like they were old friends of yours. A feel good read that actually had me crying at the end!" -- Amazon Reviewer

"This second book is in smooth alignment with the first! I felt like these were my girlfriends! I wanted to smack Josie a couple of times but realize everyone has the own journey to take." -- Amazon Reviewer 

"This story was a great read and I couldn't put it down (same with book 1). This book is another great lesson in friendship and what it takes to make a marriage work with everyday problems & distractions. I highly recommend it!" -- Amazon Reviewer

August 8
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