The Mars Debacle

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More than a hundred years into the future... When astrophysicist Will Carlan, a political dissident of United Planet (UP), is relocated against his will to a remote outpost on Mars, he has no idea what he's getting into.  FOUR STARS out of four by Online Book Club.

Carlan has barely touched down on the red planet when rival Tasurbomurian forces invade, in response to the disappearance of a Tasurbomurian ship near Planet Uranus and miscalculations by the UP leadership.

Far above Carlan's pay grade, the mysterious leader of the Tasurbomurians has set his sights on control of the entire Solar System.  The Tasurbomurians quickly overrun the colony, and they aren't interested in showing mercy.  With the destruction of UP forces on Mars, Carlan suddenly finds himself at the center of a struggle by the colonists to survive.  He uncovers a dark secret hidden for decades, deep in the subterranean catacombs of the colony that ironically could save all their lives.

The survivors' scramble to escape brings a clash of arms with the fierce Tasurbomurian storm troopers under the harsh and frigid conditions of Mars, while a lone UP flagship makes a last stand against Tasurbomurian warships in outer space above.

Carlan and the colonists are swept up in an intricate and deadly contest with more players than anyone realizes.  Years earlier, an ill-fated starship voyage to the Alpha Centauri star system brought humans in contact with two alien races, the hostile Etonians, and a mysterious civilization known as Arca.  The outcome of a brief military conflict opened up opportunities for interstellar commerce with Arca.  With little reason to look beyond the economic profits, the UP entered into an alliance with the Arcans.

Now, the conflict between the rival human governments entangles the Arcans and sets in motion a larger drama that may transform this interplanetary squabble into a contest with potentially apocalyptic outcomes.  Humankind's only hope may be another trip to the heart of Alpha Centauri, a place where Earthlings and Arcans aren't welcome...

In the larger Fate of Men space series, Carlan and his unlikely crewmates take a UP starship back to Alpha Centauri ostensibly for scientific exploration.   Along the way, the starship explores worlds never before seen by the eyes of humankind.   But the top-secret objective is to secure a secret technology hidden there during a previous Arcan rebellion and now beyond the reach of Arca.  Tasurbomur is determined to get its hands on this prize first, which would both bring the solar system to its knees and threaten the Arcan Empire. 

Come on an action-packed adventure of good and evil, camaraderie and hatred, combat in outer space and the harsh conditions of Mars, and the unfolding of a larger drama that may determine the Fate of Men.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 21
Mark Dean Stratus
Draft2Digital, LLC

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