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A guide for any medical tourism facilitator, international patient coordinator or person considering offering facilitation. This book provides start to finish guidelines and best practices for getting your business started, creating your patient protocols and case management programs, setting up healthcare networks, effectuating patient communication and education strategies, cultural competency and risk management considerations, marketing to patients, and working with hospitals. In essence, The Medical Tourism Facilitator allows you to understand the entire international patient process.

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September 10
Global Health Insurance Publications
Free Health Inc.

Customer Reviews

Hospitallady ,

Facilitator book

I was so excited to find the first book ever for medical tourism facilitators. Valuable read!

Mark4334 ,

Every thing I needed to Know!

This book provided me with just about everything I needed, except a office space. It provided me with the information I needed to become sucessful as a Mrdicat Tourism Facilitator. It provides a great foundation to build on and what to watch out for along the way. I was able to start up my business in a relatively short time, and the book was spot on in giving me information on not only on what I wanted to know, but also what I needed to know . Of all the books out there on this subject, I highly recomend this one. It is a sound investment in the development and growth in a career as a medical tourism facilitator.

Abraham Heriberto ,

Must read

This is a must read for any one taking part in the Medical Tourism Space, whether a veteran in the industry or an up and comer. The book provides the information needed to truly understand the industry, and how to reach out to patients.

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