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From Ellen Kushner and her team of talented creatives, a thrilling new chapter in the beloved Riverside saga that began with Swordspoint.

The dance begins as paths cross in surprising ways. Kaab inserts herself into the family business and makes the happy acquaintance of Rafe, who is not too consumed by politics to pass up a chance at intrigue, and of Micah, who is finding higher education—and her innate skill at card counting—quite to her liking. Rafe has a much less friendly—but far more heated—encounter with the handsome Duke of Tremontaine as the University turmoil comes to a boil around them. 

This episode is brought to you by team-writer Alaya Dawn Johnson and sets the wheels turning on the plots, schemes, and scandals of the season. 

The North Side of the Sun continues the 13-part serial, Tremontaine, presented by Serial Box. This prequel to the cult classic Swordspoint is brought to you by the collaborative effort of a team of writers under the creative direction of Ellen Kushner herself. 

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Up Next: Episode 3 Heavenly Bodies: Sex, chocolate, and secrets.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 4
Serial Box
Serial Box Publishing, LLC

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