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It was a time of love, of struggle, of hope, of worship, of the birth of dynasties and the crushing affliction of hatred...

In the 1770s, the Jews of Frankfurt are trapped, both physically by the walls of the ghetto within which they must dwell, and in a larger sense by the rules of a society in which they are outcasts, legally debased and barely suffered to live.

And yet within those confines they find life, in all its glories and tragedies. This is the story of young Guttle, whose sweet face and curves could win her any man in her little world, but whose keen mind demands the best. It is the tale of Meyer Rothschild, who knows all the ways of the business world but discovers the ways of the heart. It is a tale of love and lust, of murder and betrayal, of holy works and unholy schemes, of bakers and brigands, of hope and of ruin. This is a novel, both amusing and sad, that will grace your bookshelf for generations – a book you will want your children to read and discuss as they reach maturity.

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September 13
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Nathaniel B. Gertler

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Samismema ,

The Origin of Sorrow

An absolutely fantastic journey about the beginning of the Rothschild dynasty! You are taken back in time to the ghetto in Germany, where Meyer and Guttle Rothschild begin their family. This historical fiction novel is so rich in cultural history and mystery that the reader is transported into the past. This could be an HBO mini series! If you like historical fiction this is a must read.

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