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Are you someone who has always wanted to be a better photographer, but didn’t know where to begin? Do you want to take control of your camera and capture stunning images confidently, like a pro? Take your camera out of auto mode and shoot creatively composed photos? Capture images that simply ooze emotions and tell stories?

This is the opportunity you have been waiting for. 

The Photographer’s Toolkit is designed to help you become a much better and more confident photographer. David Caleb is an educator and top photographer - author of two photography books, "Black & White & Orange" and "Vietnam: A Photographer’s Journey." David has years of experience helping budding photographers add skills and techniques to their photographic toolkit.

There has never before been a learning tool like The Photographer’s Toolkit. It contains Gb of contents, video tutorials, photo galleries with hundreds of images all to make it the most interactive experience possible to learn about professional photography. 

The Photographer’s Toolkit is easy to use; each chapter teaches you a new skill and then guides you through a workshop so you can practice those skills. Over time, at your own pace, you'll add to your photographic toolkit and soon each skill will be second nature to you. Why wait any longer, the most comprehensive self-study photographer program is one tap away. Get started today - 26 chapters full of new skills you NEED to master.

Now is the time to become the photographer you have always wanted to be.

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June 12
David Caleb
David Caleb

Customer Reviews

Paviter ,


I love taking photos with my iPhone and occasionally with that big Canon 40D. Having read many photography books, visited websites, blogs and forums, I wasn't sure if I wanted this book.

Until I opened it.

Truly inspiring. It makes you want to go out and begin composing photos right away. It takes away that fear that you need to be an expert and presents ideas in a simple and easy to understand way while not compromising on detail.

Of course the photos in the book are awesome. This is one book that I can imagine myself having with me as that go to reference. It beats having to search online for help and tutorials on various topics.

Great job!

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