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On a calm moonlit night, as the scent of jasmine and pine embraced the island of Ascension, the pirate prince Lazar di Fiori returns with lethal grace to avenge what was stolen from him: his kingdom, his birthright, his soul. . . .

Allegra Monteverdi, the daughter of Lazar's sworn enemy, proves an uncommonly powerful adversary. She throws herself on his mercy, her courage and beauty touching his cold, unforgiving heart. He agrees to spare the lives of her family--but only if Allegra sails away with him as his captive. For his quest for vengeance still burns fiercely, and he will settle for nothing less than Allegra's body and soul.

Alone at sea with this dark, intriguing man, moving between seduction and fear, Allegra gazes into eyes as deep and mysterious as the night and sees who this pirate really is. Lazar--the prince of her childhood dreams. Though he was rumored to be murdered years ago, she always believed someday he would return. But it will take more than her love for this pirate prince to bring peace to her beloved home. For Lazar must face the demons of his shattered past--if he is to forge the destiny that is theirs to claim. . . .

July 29
Random House Publishing Group
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

Armik B ,

Pirate Prince

4 1/2 STARS
Loved this book! Could not put it down great love story, adventure, suspense loved and disliked charters at different times which makes it even more interesting. I have read almost every book by Gaelon Foley this is one of my favorites. I will read it again and I hope this series is as good as this first book.

Twatsa ,

Amazing Book

I’m in awe of this author, this story was so different from all the other historical novels in so many ways but without giving anything away I’ll just tell you one. They both have brown eyes!
I know that sounds silly and unimportant but many of the other authors give their characters silver, and violet eyes. Neither of which I’ve ever seen in my 60 odd years of life.
I wonder why it’s not mentioned anywhere but the last page that this book has won awards? I’m so happy I stumbled upon this series. No cliffhanger.

Hystorial romantic ,

The Pirate Prince

A great story! Well developed plot with great characters!

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