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Transform your self-image and embrace the power of positive thinking with two simple words: declare "I Am" and celebrate the life God has created for you!
Whatever follows the words "I am" will always come looking for you.
So, when you go through the day saying:"I am blessed" . . . blessings pursue you."I am talented" . . . talent follows you."I am healthy". . . health heads your way."I am strong". . . strength tracks you down.
Joel Osteen reveals how The Power of I Am can help you discover your unique abilities and advantages to lead a more productive and happier life. His insights and encouragement are illustrated with many amazing stories of people who turned their lives around by focusing on the positive power of this principle. You can choose to rise to a new level and invite God's goodness by focusing on these two words: I AM!

Religion & Spirituality
October 6
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Baddxykoo ,

Truly a blessing

A book full wisdom and encouragement!! A book that teaches you to be positive and remind us that we are Gods masterpiece! We are awesome we are unique we are talented we are victorious!!

AtticKat ,

Awful Unbiblical Theology!

Well, what can you expect from an Osteen book? He twists Scriptures as naturally as breathing. I suggest that his followers would take a break from reading his books, go back to reading the Bible, asking the Holy Spirit for illumination, and try reading Osteen's book again without gagging. Be like the Bereans (Acts 17:11)

Smiling Joel ,

False teaching

God is the great "I Am". This book borders on blasphemy. Osteen is a false teacher. This is nothing but recycled new age, self-esteem, doctrines of demons. Yes, God is love, but He is also just and there will be a day when everyone will stand before Him. He is the Creator of all things and therefore has the right to make the rules for us to live by, i.e. The 10 Commandments. Stay away from this anti-christ false teacher.

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