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“Shall we begin?” When spoken by my new husband, these three little words fill me with terror and anticipation.

In private, King Henry rules my body like he rules his country—with unrelenting control and passion. I crave his orders, his punishment, his commands. Outside the bedroom, we’re strangers caught in a web of lies and decadence.

Our marriage is a sham, a business arrangement devised to save my life and secure his crown. He doesn’t love me. He loves my body, controlling it, shaming it, worshipping it. To survive the dangers at court, I need to be smart, but it’s hard to think straight with a man like Henry between my legs.

Each night, he locks the bedroom door, determined to teach me a new lesson. Obedience, patience, trust. I lie awake in bed waiting for the sound of his footsteps and the latest installment in pleasure and pain. My heart pounds when the hinges creak and his broad shoulders block the door. I’m not ready, but I can’t wait to feel his hands on me. He shoves his bowtie into my mouth, binds my hands to the headboard, and whispers in my ear“Shall we begin?”

From USA Today bestselling author Jeana E. Mann comes this dark, contemporary romance filled with twists, turns, and unprecedented heat.

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May 19
Ishkadiddle Publishing, LLC
Jeana E. Mann

Customer Reviews

MissPaigeN ,

Angsty and Steamy

I really liked this book. It was a really great continuation of The Royal Arrangement. Of course many times I wanted to shake the main characters for being silly but in the end they had a happy ending that was so sweet and I really appreciated the 2 epilogues! :)

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

VickSt1 ,

Royal Excellence

This book is the second novel in the Rebel Queen duet written by Jeanna E. Mann. The beginning of this book starts out with the marriage ceremony between Prince Heinrich (Henry), who is to be crowned king with the assassination of his father, and Everly McElroy, the daughter of a previous US Vice President accused by her of murdering his mistress. This fake marriage secures Henry’s crown and protects Everly from her father’s vendetta on her life. This couple works together to improve the conditions in the country and save Henry’s kingship after his father’ dismal and corrupt reign.
Jeanna Mann has authored a well written book which has amazing characters, an outstanding story line with intrigue and steamy sexual chemistry, and a plot that makes this novel an addicted read which you can not put down. I strongly recommend this book, however, you will need to read the first novel of the duet (The Royal Arrangement) to understand the Rebel Queen. Excellent read!!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Nsean Richards ,

Good, but could be better.

Unfortunately.. I was under-impressed with this book series. I can’t exactly pinpoint it but something was definitely missing. Henry’s POV was probably the saving grace of the entire storyline. Don’t get me wrong it was still good. But it could have been much better. I found myself bored and contemplating whether or not to finish it. It seems that Everly’s “attraction” to her husband often outweighed her common sense and better judgement in ways that were unrealistic and unhealthy. She came off as a young girl pining for the approval of her husband even though he was incredibly unkind to her. However, from Henry’s point of view you could see how he fell in love. You could see his feelings develop in a way that felt more.. authentic? Maybe that was what was missing from Everly’s point of view. Despite all of this, I’d be willing to try another book by this author because outside of this experience I’ve heard good things about her work.

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