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Even as the sound of modern worship has grown louder, the heartbeat of true worship has grown faint. This is a call for those whose hearts burn to see it revived— who burn with reformation’s fire. Who long to see the purity of worship restored and the Lord’s house of prayer once again reflect the fullness of His glory and the wonders of His heart.  


The Reset is not simply a book on worship, it’s an appeal to the broader worshiping community to once again re-order their lives and practices in accordance with the sacred and priestly calling they were given and zealously return to the heart of worship. 

About the Author:-

Jeremy Riddle is a pastor, worship leader and songwriter. He carries a deep passion for God’s glory and His church. His heart burns to see purity restored. Beginning in ministry at Anaheim Vineyard, Jeremy and his family later moved to Redding, California, where they attended Bethel Church and became a part of the Bethel Music Collective. After nearly a decade, the Riddles moved back to Southern California, where they are currently on staff with Vineyard Anaheim as the Worship, Prayer and Creativity Pastors to partner in re-birthing a regional and global worship and prayer movement focused on wholehearted devotion to the Lord. Jeremy and his wife Katie have five amazing children who they consider to be their greatest ministry assignment and legacy.

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December 24
Wholehearted Ministries
Wholehearted Ministries

Customer Reviews

RaichePadilla ,

A Reset Indeed

This book is not only written very well, and is an easy read, but it’s message is so true and goes to the very roots of worship.

I believe that if you substituted “worship” for Christianity or church culture in general, the point still stands. We have gotten too far away from the purpose of church and Christianity. It’s become such a business, an MLM, a competition, and a show.

This book gives a very in depth, but tender-hearted explanation of how we got so far and how to go back. Jeremy speaks boldly but not critically and judgmental.

Pro tip when reading: if you feel a rebuttal coming on, keep reading. He somehow manages to answer your argument.

I recommend this book for worship leaders, people who worship at all, pastors, any church staff, and all Christians. Let’s get back to the heart of worship.

Mac Glizzy ,


This is needed for those who have a burning desire to gain a burning desire for Jesus. This is based upon worship leaders, but this book can be applied to anyone who calls themselves a worshipper. This is a real eye opener. Not for the faint at heart.