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The first compilation of writings and talks by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee culled from the past two decades, this stirring volume provides an understanding of the feminine for both men and women, describing the central part it must play in the work of global healing and transformation and stressing its redemption in order for Anima Mundi—the soul of the world—to reemerge. Exploring the historical, cultural, and theological insights of the Sacred Feminine as well as practical advice for bringing the feminine principle into consciousness, this examination briefly explores the past patriarchal and matriarchal eras, moving from a historic perspective into addressing the potential of the present day. Explaining how the feminine has a deep understanding of the power of matter, this argument conveys the idea that every woman embodies the sacred substance of creation necessary for life’s regeneration within her spiritual center. Maintaining that God's omnipotence and transcendence must be balanced by intimacy and love, this study addresses the need for the balancing of masculinity and femininity in order to birth the next phase of evolution. 

"A vital contribution to the Great Work of rescuing the human soul . . . Few are able to define and evoke the Feminine in the way that Vaughan-Lee does; Women and men alike will welcome and treasure this book." —Anne Baring, coauthor, The Myth of the Goddess: Evolution of an Image

"Taps into what may be the most important message of our time—the need for the re-emergence of the feminine . . . a must read for all seeking to understand the global transformation now underway." —Dena Merriam, founder and convener, Global Peace Initiative for Women, www.gpiw.org

"Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee presents us with a clear picture of the Feminine which is now essential to building a new vision and value for our dear planet earth." —Marion Woodman, PhD, Jungian analyst and author

"Everyone interested in exploring how we must now learn to live in our new world, a world in which we know that 'everything is connected to everything else,' will find something inspiring and productive in this book." —Frederick Kirschenmann, distinguished fellow, Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture 

Health, Mind & Body
November 1
The Golden Sufi Center
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