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All books in the CARLY CLASSICS Series are stand-alone novels! 

Marry for friendship? Or wait for love?

Advice columnist Carly Wexler has mapped out her entire life, and she’s convinced by marrying her best friend she’ll find happiness. The fact that they have no sexual sparks? No problem. Or so she thinks…until Mike Novak, her finance’s brother, arrives for the wedding.

Could the best man be right choice for her after all?”

May 2
CP Publishing
Karen Drogin

Customer Reviews

Crystal Singer ,

Good read!!

I so love the way Carly Phillips writes a story. It's full of so much heart, love, laughter and sexiness. The Right Choice was chalk full of all those things. I will say, falling for the brother of the ex has never been my favorite troupe, but I enjoyed this one! Mike was so good for Carly and vice versa. They had amazing chemistry from the moment they met and that's the part that really sucked me in. Good, quick, sexy read! :)

Happy reading!

tsmb02(Sue G.) ,

I really enjoyed these two characters.

Carly Wexler thinks she has everything in her life mapped out. Since her dad had cheated on her mom, Carly believed that she didn't need to love her future husband, just be good friends. As Carly is getting ready to marry Peter Novack in a few weeks, she didn't expect to be completely drawn to his brother, Mike! Zing....instant attraction! It doesn't help that Mike is instantly attracted to Carly and knows that she shouldn't marry his brother.

I really enjoyed these two characters. They both had unresolved issues from their past that they needed to work through before they could truly be happy. I loved how they brought out the best in each other and seemed to genuinely like each other. Their happy ending was just perfect...Loved it!

tree7404 ,

Great read

This was a great read. Carly Wexler is engaged to marry to Peter Novak, a lawyer that wants to be a partner in her fathers firm. Then she meets her finances brother Mike who is running from things in his past as she is. This story with many twists. I love Carly Phillips writing even some of her earlier writing which this is. Who will Carly end up with or will she go it alone.

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