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Would you risk it all to avenge the one you love?

London detective Nick Severance steps outside the law and puts his freedom on the line. What options does he have? For fans of suspense and conspiracy thrillers.

Book 1 - A Terminal Agenda

A cop with an unblemished record. A murder in a London Street. An investigation that could end his career. 

When DCI Nick Severance investigates what appears to be a routine murder, he is drawn into a plot that could bring death to thousands and destroy everything and everyone he cares about. Before it’s all over, he will make a choice that changes his life forever.

Book 2 - A Trade To Die For

A retired MI6 agent with secrets. A man of influence, who will kill for them. A woman who wants to make a trade for them. 

Nick’s first assignment in his new career is to play babysitter to a retired MI6 agent. But when he finds out why the agent needs help, things get complicated. He becomes involved in a battle to keep them both alive while trying to untangle the web of lies, deceit and murder that created this situation in the first place. His first assignment might just be his last.

Book 3 - The Revenge Season

A brutal murder close to home. An old adversary with a grudge. A final act of revenge. But whose revenge?

When pharmaceutical researcher Julian Frost is brutally murdered, Nick Severance is asked to investigate. The case takes Nick to Peru where he meets some new and interesting people, some of whom would like him dead. While he attempts to survive their unique brand of hospitality, a new threat emerges in the form of someone from his past, who thinks this is the perfect moment for retribution. 

If you like suspense thrillers then you’ll enjoy these three tense tales of murder, conspiracy and revenge.

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 2
Mark McKay
Mark McKay

Customer Reviews

Beezersmom ,

Excellent and engro

So glad I chose this 3-book offering from a Bookbub. Could not put them down. It's nearly 12:30 a.m. and just finished book #3. Most books I would have to wake up to get to bed. Can't wait for more.

Takes guts ,


Being a 66 y/o woman, this was probably not a choice I would have sought out, however, I took a chance on the free offer for this trilogy and was very pleased that I did. It was a fast paced, easy read that kept you turning the pages and not wanting to put it down. I enjoyed this trilogy immensely and will be adding this author to my go to list of reading pleasure!

jilwd ,

The severance trilogy

Three of the best books I’ve read in a long time!
Easy writing style.
Suspenseful, twisting plots in each. Books you hate to put down!
Refreshing to find an author who has such a great command of vocabulary, that there is little use of profanity.

Was not familiar with author Mark McKay.
After reading these books, I am very impressed with his writing. Will be looking for more of his work.

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