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Ran-Del Jahanpur is a warrior of the Sansoussy Forest, trained in both the mental and physical Disciplines of his people. He thinks he's prepared for any danger the forest might hold, but his skills prove useless when he's caught in a hi-tech trap. Soon Ran-Del finds himself in a city so alien it might as well be another world—machines speak, vehicles fly, and his captors' weapons can inflict pain without touching him. Every time Ran-Del tries to escape, he's foiled by a technology he doesn't understand. As terrifying as the city is, his kidnapper, the enigmatic Baron Hayden, exudes a jovial affability that worries the Sansoussy even more. What can such a powerful man want with a Sansoussy warrior, who can neither read nor write and knows nothing of city ways? The Baron's daughter Francesca clearly knows more than she's saying, but Ran-Del's psy sense tells him only she's being truthful, not what she's thinking. And it's only after it seems that Ran-Del has escaped the city and its dangers, that he finds out how thoroughly he has been caught.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 22
Carmen Webster Buxton
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

dogs see for me ,

Subtle detail dressed in the expected

The title drew me first of all as one who may believe that a bit more discipline looks like a good direction for more of us.

Taking familiar themes and blending them into a fresh perspective kept me reading. If any changes might have been suggested, it might involve making the world of Haven seem more like an alien world and less like a slightly modified Terra. However, te modifications were interesting and the book didn't devolve into anything undead, witchy or unbelievable.

I liked the ending and hoped there would be a sequel, which there was.

A book I could recommend without embarrassment over content.

Kekkkkeerrrr ,

The Sixth Discipline

A very good story, very captivating & hard to put down. I Will read the other Books in this series.

avianrising ,

Nice plot, excellent read

Nice blend of themes, can’t wait to read the sequel.

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