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Binge the Sutherland Scandals trilogy! This box set contains Tempt, Burn, and Secrets


Gorgeous. Billionaire. Genius.

Those three words would normally send me running in the opposite direction, but I didn’t know who Theo Sutherland was when he saved me on the dance floor.

Now I’m completely intrigued by the reclusive owner of my office building. The man who hides in his penthouse, buried in work. I can’t help wondering why he locks himself up there...or why he only seems to smile when we run into each other.

The mystery of Theo Sutherland consumes me, drawing me into a fling with a man who controls my destiny. A man who lets in no one but me. And by the time I learn the reason why, it's too late to leave. I’m the only one who can save him, and I’ll be damned if I leave him behind to burn. 


One night. No consequences.

I should have known it wouldn’t be that simple. I was too connected to Michael Sutherland. Of course I would see him again. But I didn’t expect to see him so soon, or for him to seem so interested.

He’s persistent. Kind. Romantic. I fooled myself into believing a few more nights wouldn’t hurt. I liked his command in the bedroom and enjoyed the results. It wasn’t more. 

Except that he was more. Better than anyone I’d ever met before. Someone I wasn’t sure I could live without. 


 A love story for the ages…

That’s what we all want, isn’t it? A love so deep and so strong it can conquer all and withstand even the darkest of nights?


For me this wasn’t just daydreaming about a fairytale romance. If I was ever going to love someone he needed to be a fighter. No one else could endure the secrets that surround my family or survive the sacrifices that would be required to escape them. An ordinary love and an ordinary man simply wouldn’t do.


Enter: Darcy Higgins. My brother’s best friend. We’ve spent our lives slamming into each other and breaking apart. We’re all bad decisions and terrible timing, but I’ve loved him from the moment we met and he’s fought for me over and over again. We have a love that defies reason. A love that will, I hope, survive the mountain of secrets and lies that stand in our way.


This isn’t any love story.

This is my love story. And it is most definitely one for the ages.

*The Sutherland Scandals follow the three Sutherland siblings in their quest for love and redemption. All three books stand alone and end with a happily ever after. They are also part of the larger world of the Tease Series.

February 13
Spinning Compass Publishing
Alexis Sykes

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toshasl80 ,


I wish the book would have ended with Theo and Allison getting married or at least engaged. But I loved all 3 books!

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