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This eBook is a summary of the bestselling book ‘The Total Money Makeover’ by Dave Ramsey.

Author Dave Ramsey states that 90% of solving a problem is admitting there is one. Just four short years after becoming a millionaire Dave Ramsey became something else, bankrupt! Following that experience and the lessons he learned from it, he has been working to help other people avoid a similar fate. His simple Total Money Makeover plan promises to take anyone from struggling to financially fit, if they commit to the process! Ramsey presents a very simple, high level plan to get your debt paid, help you save an emergency account and move toward increasing your personal wealth. Dave drops the finer details instead focusing on YOU. He know that the weakest part of any financial plan is the person who has agreed to follow it. His primary goal is to inspire you to get your finances in order.

A Book Summary

In today’s busy world it can be hard to find the time to sit down and read a complete book. This book summary presents just the most important and impactful ideas discussed in 'The Total Money Makeover' but removes the padding that publishers require their authors to add. You are left with a summary that will provide all of the core benefits of reading the full book but without the time commitment.

Book Synopsis

In The Total Money Makeover you will learn how to pay off your debts in a systematic and motivational way. You will learn the importance of an emergency fund and how to build one up. You will learn to create a zero-based budget. You will learn how to build wealth for your retirement. You will learn a bunch of money and debt myths that most people believe are true. You will be inspired to get your finances in order.

The Author

Dave Ramsey is a rags-to-riches and back again story, he started with nothing, became a millionaire at 26 then four short years later filed for bankruptcy. He writes from his personal experiences, determined to make sure other people don't make the mistakes he did. Dave is a best-selling author, money management expert and radio personality. Ramsey, who holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and real estate, is also a television host and a popular public speaker.

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