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Her father sought a protector for her. What he found was a dishonorable knight who put his sword in her father's back and held Lady Alina captive for three years, locked away in a tower until her true champion arrived. While everyone else believes that Alina is the treasure her suitors seem willing to kill to attain, she is drawn into discovering the truth behind the lure of Leawick Castle. Along the way, she learns the true value of love, loyalty and honor from the handsome knight who not only saves her father's legacy, but restores her faith in the wake of bitterness left from her ordeal.

May 17
Alea Rose
Smashwords, Inc.

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karri uzumaki ,

The treasure of Leawick Castle

I have thousands of books on iBooks some 200 pages and some 3000 pages. Most books usually have a lag in the story. Where the writer will words to describe things in great detail. I usually skim these pages until I get to the more meaty parts of the story. I am always checking how pages I have until the end. Once I start a book I have finish it even if it is horrible written, not a captivating story or the grammar is atrocious. I started your book and only found one error in your grammar (spelling). I knew how many pages there were but before I know it I'm done. I thoroughly enjoyed your book. The characters were funny, anxious, angry, in love, etc.. I was so disappointed that it ended. It was lovely but I hope there is another story about the very lovely couple. Thank you so much for your time and effort in developing such a wonderful world.

Bi dina ,

what a beautiful story!

loved it.

justamoody ,

The Treasure of Leawick Castle by Alea Rose

Well done! I haven’t read a free book yet that was written so well that was free to read! It much reminds me of authors I read 25 years ago or more. Such as Woodiwiss and Garwood. Thank you for a truly delightful read. Great story, plot and writing. Look forward to reading more by this author!

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