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The kidnapping is long past. Janie Johnson can never change what happened to her or to the families that love her. But finally life seems to be settling down for the Springs and the Johnsons.

The worst part of this new life for Janie is that Reeve Shields is away at college. Janie misses him terribly, no matter how many e-mails they send each other. As for Reeve, he's finding life at college overwhelming. He goes to work at the school radio station, hoping a late-night gig will give him what he craves--popularity and fame. Reeve gets his chance to be the voice on the radio, and when he tells the most fascinating story he knows, his show becomes a sensation. Reeve is so sure that Janie will never discover what's making his
broadcast such a hit that he doesn't stop himself. But what will be the price for Janie?

As Janie knew, the facts about the little girl on the milk carton had to be uncovered, no matter how much pain they caused. Now the truth about what Reeve is doing must come out. Whose voice will help Janie when she must face not only her incredible past, but also her unknown future?

With the page-turning suspense that made The Face on the Milk Carton and Whatever Happened to Janie? best-sellers, Caroline B. Cooney once again explores the meaning of betrayal, the power of words, and the intensity of love.

Young Adult
September 1
Random House Children's Books
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

Randy(I'M A GIRL!) ,


The Janie series is interesting, and eye-opening, but really- it just goes on and on and ON. These books have a really good center, but it feels as though Caroline is trying to keep these going, even when there is no more substance, really. These are nice stories on their own, but trying to mash it into one series is just trouble. A bit like a very funny but rambling comedian.

Tikal hall 24 ,


This is just the great book all together hope there more in store I just can't get enough of this story can't wait until the next one.... Keep up the great job.....

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