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Kate Hale thought she had her life in order. She'd made an arrangement with Ian Becker as his stand-in pack mate. Strictly professional. No after dark meetings. No more crawling through her window. No late night snuggle sessions. She even delivers a high probability death prediction on short notice. 

But Kate's wrong... about everything. 

A case that should have been open and shut has more questions than answers. The woman Kate predicted doesn’t die at her destined time, and someone else dies in her place. Now Kate and Becker must figure out what went wrong before the fates ripple back in revenge.

The Outlier Prophecies Series:

Romancing the Null (Book One)

Conditional Probability of Attraction (Book Two)

The Werewolf Coefficient (Book Three)

Standard Deviation of Death (Book Four)

Shifter Variance (Book Five) 

Correlation of Fate (Book Six)

Big Bad Becker (A novella in The Outlier Prophecies)

January 30
Smashed Picket Press
Christina Smith

Customer Reviews

Paper Cranes Editing & Design ,

I received an advance copy, and I am voluntarily reviewing this book.

If it isn’t obvious by now, Tina Gower has me sucked right into The Outlier Prophecies series. I’m finding myself living vicariously through these characters now and I’m perfectly fine with it. In this installment of the series, we pick up a little after we left off in the second book. Kate is dealing with a high-probability death prediction that ended up killing the wrong person, which means a black mark on her record. But Kate won’t accept a black mark and investigates for foul play, and who better to help than our favorite latent-werewolf Officer Ian Becker? But Kate has put boundaries up with Ian to stop herself from falling from the officer—and to drive all readers crazy—which means their pack sessions are less intimate.

This book brought back more of the action from the first book, something I kind of missed in the second book, and kept up the endless teasing of the relationship between Kate and Ian—both of them keep overthinking each aspect of their relationship and I’m ready to hit their heads together!

Aside from Kate and Ian, I once again appreciated the presence of Kate’s witch/druid cousin Ali. Every time she’s included in the story she leaves me rolling with laughter. (I could only imagine what a story line through her point of view would be like!) I’m hoping to see Ali and Officer Lipski team up and just lock Kate and Becker in a closet together—*cough* maybe a coat closet *cough*— so they’ll just come to their senses already.

There isn’t really anything negative I can find to say about this book, I’m just that hooked into everything now. I can’t wait for the next installment of The Outlier Prophecies. I give The Werewolf Coefficient 5 out of 5 stars.

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