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Hawk Hunter is America’s best hope—in the bestselling military adventure series by “the best high-action thriller writer out there today, bar none” (Jon Land).
With nearly a quarter million copies sold, this high-octane series features Hawk Hunter, a fearless fighter pilot who saves the not-so-distant-future United States from the brink of all-out anarchy.
Thunder in the East: The Soviet sneak attack crippled America, breaking the US into warring factions ruled by dictators, thugs, and thieves. In the western territories, democracy has survived—thanks to Maj. Hawk Hunter, the greatest fighter pilot of his time, and the Pacific American Air Corps. After narrowly stopping a Soviet ground invasion, Hunter vows to restore his beloved country—and he will begin by reclaiming Football City, formerly known as St. Louis, until it was captured by a criminal army from New Chicago. Only Hunter can break through its walls and lead his army onward to reclaim Washington, DC.
The Twisted Cross: A new threat has emerged from the south. An army of neo-Nazis has seized control of the Panama Canal, and they’re armed to the teeth. Their hateful ideology may be decades out of date, but these jackbooted killers have firepower that is state-of-the-art. They’re going to need it . . . because the Wingman is coming.
The Final Storm: The Soviet Union had nearly been defeated when the vice president of the United States revealed himself as a traitor. He deactivated the defense grid just long enough for the Russians to strike, reducing America to a battle-scarred wasteland. Fighter pilot Hawk Hunter rebuilt the country one dogfight at a time. Now he’s headed for the vice president’s compound in Bermuda, backed by a team of commandos, to bring America’s greatest traitor to justice, dead or alive.
Freedom Express: After fighting off the Red Army invasion, Maj. Hawk Hunter and what remained of the country’s armed forces spent years rebuilding their nation. Only one territory was left deserted: the Southwest, now known as the Badlands. To reestablish the overland route between the eastern and western regions, a train of modern pioneers is sent across the desert. The train makes it safely, but when it arrives in Los Angeles, every passenger on board has vanished. To bring the fight to the bandits, Hunter trades in his F-16 for his own specially designed locomotive: a super-fortress on rails. The new Wild West is about to be tamed—Wingman-style.

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October 23
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