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The comprehensive approach to help you identify, challenge, and overcome all types of worry

You wish you didn’t spend as much time worrying as you do, but you just can’t seem to help it. Worrying feels like second nature. It’s what helps you solve your problems and prevents you from making mistakes. It’s what motivates you to be prepared—if you didn’t worry, things might get out of hand. Worry protects you, prepares you, and keeps you safe.

Is it working? Or is it making you tense, tired, anxious, uncertain—and more worried?

For more than twenty-five years, Dr. Robert L. Leahy has successfully helped thousands of people defeat the worry that is holding them back. This empowering seven-step program, including practical, easy-to-follow advice and techniques, will help you:

• Determine your “worry profile” and change your patterns of worry
• Identify productive and unproductive worry
• Take control of time and eliminate the sense of urgency that keeps you anxious
• Focus on new opportunities—not on your fear of failure
• Embrace uncertainty instead of searching for perfect solutions
• Stop the most common safety behaviors that you think make things better—but actually make things worse

Designed to address general worries as well as the unique issues surrounding some of the most common areas of worry—relationships, health, money, work, and the need for approval—The Worry Cure is for everyone, from the chronic worrier to the occasional ruminator. It’s time to stop thinking you’re “just a worrier” who can’t change and start using the groundbreaking methods in The Worry Cure to achieve the healthier, more successful life you deserve.

Health, Mind & Body
November 1
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

8JL8 ,

This price is insane!

Go somewhere else to buy!

Beave1988 ,

Thee book

This book was talked about on the John Tesh radio show, this book helped me big time. If you read or heard the audio version, you’ll know what I mean. I highly recumend this book for EVERYONE! Enjoy it

El Tigre 215 ,

Tables dont work

Overall it's an ok book although at times things seem repetetive. The tables are not aligned and you can't figure out wat is what on them.