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Being the daughter of a Butte copper king won't buy Mary Millard happiness, especially when she discovers her father's plan to marry her to a cruel man. Desperate, Mary makes an arrangement with a man she meets on a train: pretend to be my intended so I can delay the inevitable. But little does she know it isn't one man who will save her, but two.

Parker and Sully know the second they meet a beautiful passenger on the train to Butte that she will be their bride. They expected to court her properly, to acclimate to the unusual custom of being the wife of two men. Instead, she turns to them with an insane scheme to protect herself from a man they know to be anything but kind. But a fiancé won't protect her from a bad marriage. Only a husband can do that.

When Mary weds her Bridgewater men, she learns that while she has two big cowboys to protect her from her past, it's possible she has the power to save them right back.

August 25
Bridger Media
Bridger Media

Customer Reviews

Battledress2244 ,

Stolen Bride

I loved reading Stolen Bride!! All about Mary a young woman who just turned nineteen & Sully and Parker who are cowboys. Were train companies when they initially met. When they arrived in Butte the men became aware of Mary needing their protection. Read about Mary, Parker & Sully and the adventures they embark on together!! Lots of emotion’s and pleasurable attention given throughout the story!!

Cheryl SDS ,

Wish it were longer!!!

4.5 Stars
Is there a stronger word than HOT? How about SCORCHING! This story was on fire from the moment Mary asked Parker and Sully for help. Who knew they had ménage relationships and communities way back then? This story was put together so well. When it was over, way too soon in my opinion, I was extremely satisfied with how things turned out. I can't wait to read the stories about the others.

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