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In the exciting new story of Magic's latest release, Throne of Eldraine, the young warrior-mage twins Rowan and Will Kenrith quest for their missing father, High King Kenrith. Venturing far from the safety of the Realm, their search takes them deep into the Wilds—a hostile land of faeries, monsters, and untamed magic. A chance encounter with the wily and inscrutable shapeshifter Oko seems somehow connected, but memory of the Fey trickster flits away with a wink. Beleaguered by unclear recollections and pursued relentlessly by Garruk, a cursed hunter stalking Planeswalkers across the Multiverse, can the royal scions unravel the mystery of their father's disappearance and restore him to his rightful throne before his absence shatters the peace of their home?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 4
Wizards of the Coast Publishing
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

Drewboh666 ,

Throne of Eldraine

Absolutely amazing. Although it would have been nice to elaborate more on the lore of the other realms instead of focusing on Ardenvale the most. As a mono black fan, I loved the inclusion of the cauldron of eternity.

Sherry17top ,

Throne of Eldrane The Wildered Quest by Kate Elliott

It pulls you into at least one other world. Lots of quick-witted conversations. The death of a beloved childhood ally. Fun read. Looking forward to the sequel

nitemayer17 ,

Kate Elliott proves herself a master loreweaver again

This will be a spoiler-free review, but the first thing I have to say is that if you are a fan of the character Garruk Wildspeaker from Magic: the Gathering, then this is a MUST READ!

I've been really impressed with the way Kate Elliott has approached writing for Magic: the Gathering since she wrote the Chronicle of Bolas episodes for online reading. She is able to understand what is compelling and worthwhile about the existing characters, showcase those qualities within the narrative for her audience, and still manage to add her own depth and details to the Multiverse that make it that much more fascinating and Rich for her readers.

It is no exaggeration to say it is the best Magic: the Gathering novel I have ever read, and at the cost of an e-book, it is a fantastic value.

I highly recommend it.
- Dave (Flavoracle)

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