To Sail a Darkling Sea To Sail a Darkling Sea
Book 2 - Black Tide Rising

To Sail a Darkling Sea

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Publisher Description

A World Cloaked in Darkness

With human civilization annihilated by a biological zombie plague, a rag‑tag fleet of yachts and freighters known as Wolf Squadron scours the Atlantic, searching for survivors. Within every abandoned liner and carrier lurks a potential horde, safety can never be taken for granted, and death and turning into one of the enemy is only a moment away.

The Candle Flickers

Yet every ship and town holds the flickering hope of survivors. One and two from lifeboats, a dozen from a fishing village, a few hundred wrenched by fury and fire from a ship that once housed thousands...

Light a Flame

Now Wolf Squadron must take on another massive challenge: clear the assault carrier USS Iwo Jima of infected before the trapped Marines and sailors succumb to starvation. If Wolf Squadron can accomplish that task, an even tougher trial awaits: an apocalyptic battle to win a new dawn for humanity. The war for civilization begins as the boats of the Wolf Squadron become a beacon of hope on a Darkling Sea.

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About John Ringo:

“[Ringo’s work is] peopled with three dimensional characters and spiced with personal drama as well as tactical finesse."—Library Journal

“. . . Explosive. . . . fans. . .will appreciate Ringo’s lively narrative and flavorful characters.” —Publishers Weekly

“. . .practically impossible not to read in one sitting . . . exceedingly impressive . . . executed with skill, verve, and wit.” —Booklist

“Crackerjack storytelling.” —Starlog

“. . . Ringo’s imagination, clearly influenced by Kipling and rock and roll, is fertile . . . and his storytelling skill sound. . . .” —Booklist

“Military SF with a difference . . . and as much action as you could hope for . . . And then there’s that quirky sense of humor running like a vein of gold under the mayhem.” —Eric Flint

John Ringo brings fighting to life. He is the creator of the Posleen Wars series, which has become a New York Times best selling series with over one million copies in print. The series contains A Hymn Before Battle, Gust Front, When the Devil Dances, Hell’s Faire and Eye of the Storm. In addition, Ringo has penned the Council War series: There Will be Dragons, Emerald Sea, Against the Tide, and East of the Sun, West of the Moon. Adding another dimension to his skills, Ringo created nationally best selling techno thriller novels about Mike Harmon (Ghost, Kildar, Choosers of the Slain, Unto the Breach, A Deeper Blue, and, with Ryan Sear, Tiger by the Tail). His techno thriller The Last Centurion was also a national bestseller. A more playful twist on the future is found in novels of the Looking Glass series: Into the Looking Glass, Vorpal Blade, Manxome Foe and Claws That Catch, the last three in collaboration with Travis S. Taylor. His audience was further enhanced with four collaborations with fellow New York Times best selling author David Weber: March Upcountry, March to the Sea, March to the Stars and We Few. There are an additional five collaborative spinoffs from the Posleen series: The Hero, written with Michael Z. Williamson, Watch on the Rhine, Yellow Eyes and The Tuloriad, all written with Tom Kratman, and the New York Times best seller Cally’s War and its sequels Sister Time and Honor of the Clan, all with Julie Cochrane. In addition, Ringo’s Princess of Wands and Queen of Wands broke new ground in contemporary fantasy adventure.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 16
Baen Books
Baen Publishing Enterprises

Customer Reviews

Froody 2 ,

Fine marine sequel

This is a good sequel. The characters have grown and changed. Some of the repeating jokes have been replaced. The characterization is clear, and the view point characters are sufficiently tightly focused to make compelling reading, while the interludes bring in the big picture.

The teenage sexuality winds up a bit creepy, but on balance, I'd rather it be addressed and lamp shaded than skipped over. It is appropriate, given the setting and statements of what is going on in the immediate background.

Jalaroc ,

Mysogynistic garbage

First book was okay. I couldn't finish the second book. Apparently, the vast majority of the women in the book are there to be passed around and get pregnant as well (and do so eagerly) as get all prettied up for the menfolk. The book reads like someone's fantasy with all its improbability and autocratic leanings not to mention contempt for those in power who basically sit helplessly by and watch. The zombie action is interesting but begins to pall and the efforts to organize the same.

gripet ,

The further adventures Shewolf & Seawolf

What a hoot to read about Shewolf shopping for a ball gown. Seawolf gives the submariners a thrill. Tons of zombie hunting. This book is blast to read

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