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A lethal toxin, the promise of an antidote, and the possibility of a healing drug—three variations of the same formula, all worth a fortune on the black market. Responsibility for the research rests in Loyria Gray’s capable hands. She thinks the CIA has her back, but no, they toss her into the middle of a black ops mission, and she’s forced to run for her life.

James Gray is a genius with ciphers and cryptography. He’s found his niche with the CIA, working under cover as a practicing attorney, and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect Loyria and their child.

Temporary refuge in Hawaii allows them to build a family, but that dream is shattered when they’re forced to run yet again. And now they have something more important to protect—their daughter. Everly was born with ESP fingers, proof that something in the formula is connected to psychic awareness. Or is it? How will they protect her from the government, and the traitors who want to steal the formulas and sell them to the highest bidder?

December 16
Amentino Publishing
Amentino Publishing

Customer Reviews

Sue Hanson ,

Awesome Read!

I have read all of the Everly Gray series and To Touch Poison is a great addition to the series. Finding out about Everly and her family was so helpful in better understanding the characters and their history. If you have never read the Everly Gray series, I highly recommend this series. L. j. Charles keeps you on the edge of your seat and keeps you guessing until the very end. I love this series and I am sure that you will too. Do yourself a favor and buy the whole series and read them in order. It makes for great entertainment! You won't be disappointed!

Dnjclarkster ,

Great read!

Nice to have been filled in on how Everly came to be

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