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Are you dealing with a toddler who seemed to sleep well before, but now suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night crying?

Is your toddler low on energy, sleep-deprived, and unusually clingy?

Your child might be suffering from sleep regression, and while it's a common occurrence, it's exhausting for everyone. New parents and old parents, it's time to get clued up on how to sleep train your toddler, and this book will help you do it.

It can be a little daunting going through this, so this thoughtful and informative book guides and reassures parents on the process of sleep training. It looks at a variety of factors when it comes to your child's sleep, such as:
- The behaviors associated with sleep issues, like temper tantrums, defiant behavior, changing nighttime habits, lack of appetite, shorter naps, and an irritable and moody child.
- When to go to your pediatrician – it's hard to know whether this is part of growing or if it's a serious medical issue. When there are breathing, growth, and constant crying issues, then seeking medical advice is imperative.
- How to make bedtime effective by stopping co-sleeping arrangements.

As a parent, watching your usually happy child go through night fears, bad dreams, and nightmares can be quite scary. There's a difference between all these things and there are different ways to manage them – we cover these various definitions and provide helpful, revolutionary sleep techniques in the book too.
If you're worried that you had a child who slept well as a baby and therefore you didn't sleep train them, don't fret about that. It's never too late to get a handle on this.

Getting to the no-cry, sleep-easy phase is a dream for any parent, and it's one that can be achieved with the right guidance and tools, which is what we hope to help you with.
Remember, healthy habits take time and patience to establish, and becoming the parent who has the time to see to these needs takes energy.
Luckily, this book holds a wealth of precious tips and secrets that will improve the quality of your child's sleep. Your toddler is happiest when they're getting a good night's rest.

Some other important things that we also cover in this book include:
- The different stages of sleep and what a toddler experiences in each stage.
- Toddler sleeping issues usually occur after 18 months but can start as soon as 12 months. How does this differ from newborn sleeping issues?
- Common problems and factors that disrupt your toddler's sleep.
- Simple yet effective ways to deal with night feedings and sleep associations.
- How to deal with frightening issues that might stop your child from sleeping peacefully, including how to block or prevent nightmares.
- Simple and effective ways to set up a good sleep schedule and establish calming and soothing bedtime routines.
- Top 7 mistakes parents make when establishing sleep routines and schedules.

A healthy lifestyle is even more important for children than it is for adults. They're at the early stages of growth and their whole brain is affected by sleep, nutrition, nurture, and environmental factors.

By getting this book, you'll be taking charge of powerful strategies designed to help your toddler, and when he/she is old enough, you can pass on the torch knowing that you've done all you can to help them achieve a peaceful sleep conducive to a young, developing mind.

Get this book today so that both you and your toddler can have a great night's rest. You deserve it!

March 20
Meryl Kaufman
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