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Will Tanya ever be set free again? Does she even want to be?

Tied for Two

To Tanya, wealthy party boy Eric represents the guys in school she always thought were too good for her. An invitation to his "yacht party" is the most exciting thing that's ever happened to her. Once onboard, she's shocked by Erik's idea of a party, but she also finds his domination and demands irresistibly hot.

Deceived and Devoured

Then there's Eric's friend Alexis. Tanya is confused by the intense pleasure she feels when Alexis introduces some unexpected slumber party games, especially since she's not sexually attracted to women. But, she can't resist her erotic demands any more than she can Eric's. The sensations are too compelling to walk away from. However, she's left feeling unsure about both of her new friends.

Bought and Bound

Tanya sees Eric again at a time when she's at her most vulnerable. He betrays her by putting her up for auction in a rich man's game, and she finds herself in a box, being taken who knows where. Surely her gullibility has done her in this time. She's clearly headed for disaster…unless it's possible that the box will be opened by a man who is better in every way, from the tantalizing way he masters her in the bedroom to the kind way he takes care of her.

Regardless, will she really be released in a few days as she was told? Or has her gullibility finally done her in?

(This story includes: spankings, domination, ménage, sex games, f/f interaction, and finally, BDSM punishments by a tall, dark, uber-sexy stranger. Not for the easily offended. Originally in serial form, the 3 short stories have been combined into one novella.)

August 7
Lyla Sinclair
Draft2Digital, LLC

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