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I assumed I was human.

I assumed wrong.

I dream of death and warm blood on my hands. I dream of the day I burn the world to the ground. I dream of the day

I will finally die.

Running is something my mother taught me to do very well. I never knew why until the night I cause an earthquake and meet Isaiah. My shadow. My protector. My other half. I need him. I need his blood. He is the only one who can keep me hidden from the man who created me. The man who created

the monster.

The world is depending on me not to fall in love. But what happens when the temptation becomes too great and falling is my only option? Can I live knowing I will destroy the world because his touch is the only thing keeping me alive?

And how can I trust someone as lost as I am?

Touch Passion. Touch Power. Touch Smoke!

June 1
Airicka Phoenix
Draft2Digital, LLC

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ferret_bard ,

When Love Becomes a Weapon

This review was originally published under Kurt's Frontier under Invincible Love of Reading.

Fallon Braeden has been on the run with her mother for most of her life. Since she was four she has been packed up, moved from province to province at the split second decision of her mother. She has no friends and has been lonely. Hovering in the distance is Isaiah. She doesn’t know him, but he stands guard wherever she and her mother go, protecting Fallon.

When the evil her mother is killed by the evil she had been hiding Fallon from, she has no choice but to trust Isaiah’s word that he will do anything to protect her. On the run from strange mutants, Fallon finds the truth she has longed for is unbearable. She and Isaiah are two parts of a weapon of mass destruction.

Airicka Phoenix has created a teen heroine in Fallon that takes the reader on a non stop adventure where danger lurks at every corner. The reader quickly comes to care about characters of Fallon and Isaiah. Who doesn’t like the story of two kids on the run? But these aren’t ordinary teenagers. They are the product of genetic engineering. Isaiah is fast and lethal. Fallon is just coming into her powers and is still unsure of herself. She can see into the future, and she has a connection to Isaiah. This has the elements of a classic coming of age story that the reader will enjoy.

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