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Publisher Description

Eden’s soul mate is dead…

…Her nemesis is winning.

Battling demons, addiction and grief, Eden is in a downward spiral with no way out. Tensions are rising. Her prophecy is in ruins, and her world is on the precipice of war.

Eden needs help…

…But help comes with a catch.

It also comes with a rather handsome bodyguard.

Accept help. Don’t fall in love. Destroy her enemy.

Simple, right?


Trey is dead…

…he thinks.

And yet, his wounds heal and the demons can smell “life” on him. But “life” in the underworld doesn’t last long.

Does this mean he can get home to Eden?

The Last Fallon thinks so. She offers him a deal he can’t refuse…

But a deal comes with a catch…

…it also comes with an ex.

Accept the deal. Don’t fall in love. Get home to Eden.

Simple, right?

You’ll come for the heartache, but stay for true love because love is stronger than fate…

…isn’t it?

Get it now.

This is the epic conclusion to the Eden East YA fantasy series. If you like soul mates, second chances, redemption, and fate, you’ll love the thrilling conclusion to Sacha Black’s Eden East novels.

Young Adult
April 28
Atlas Black Publishing
Pannonica Hawkins de Koenigswarter

Customer Reviews

Kaidee95 ,


Guys. I. Cannot.
I am trying to write this with zero spoilers… so here we go.

From page one, I was IN IT. I have always been a HUGE supporter of details but Sacha… the way she does the details hits in a way that paints not just a picture but a feeling. I could feel the panic, the burning, the eventual emptiness. I could feel the determination, the desire… all of it. I could see it on the character’s faces, but I could feel it in my chest in a way that left a lump in my throat.

Sacha has a handle on these characters and their… well… character? Lol. Everyone has developed a personality throughout this series and even in the midst of the chaos and emotion of everything going on in this book (remember I’m trying not to spoil anything!) everyone stays true to their character. Of course we see growth and changes… no one would be unchanged by everything that has happened. But it’s still Eden. Still our sweet little cinnamon roll Kato. Still Trey.
And you know what takes even that to a-whole-nother level in this book? These characters that we have come to know have their flaws. There is no perfect little bow to tie these characters up in. And in their imperfections they are wonderful. And THAT is Sacha’s gift in this book. The way she takes these characters that we know and shows us their dirty side. Shows us their weaknesses and their mistakes and their flaws… and we go through and grow through them with them. It is fantastic.

To the details. READ THE FIRST TWO BOOKS AGAIN!! I promise it’s worth it. Even if you think that you remember everything. Read them. There are little things here and there that come up and when you get to them you’re like AH HA!!! It is extremely satisfying. Promise.
The way she portrays loss and addiction and all the negatives and positives in life? It’s real. Fantasy so often loses itself strictly in the fantastical… but in this there is just SO much that works alongside the realities of life and I live for it.

As for the writing, she gives us lines like, “A heart full of shadows and a soul full of scars” … D U D E … what?! Come on with those one liners… I can’t.

And… here’s a small spoiler… there is a new character that I am in LOVE with. 10/10 on him, Sacha. He is everything.

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