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Do you want to break your impulse shopping addiction and habit of buying ‘stuff’, without dramatically changing your life?
Do you want to save money?
Do you want to be Underspent, not overspent?

Right now, the rising cost of living is one of the biggest issues in Australia, America and the UK. According to the media, the average American owns 3.5 credit cards and owes US$15,799 in credit card debt. Three out of five American families can’t pay off their credit card debts. In the UK, someone is declared insolvent or bankrupt every five minutes, and a property is repossessed every eighteen minutes. Thirteen per cent of Australian adults and seventeen per cent of Aussie kids live below the poverty line, whilst the average Australian adult spends the first eight weeks of each year working just to pay for their car. There are more than eighteen million shopaholics in the United States, and five per cent of all waste in Australian landfill is discarded clothing.

In this groundbreaking and entertaining book, Rachel reveals the Seven-Step Process she took to break her shopping addiction and buying habit, without dramatically changing her life.

For Rachel, the ultimate result of implementing the seven steps set out in this book was:
• being Underspent—spending less than usual (she was spending less money than was required and expected)
• breaking her impulse shopping addiction and habit of buying ‘stuff’
• saving 38 per cent of her net (take-home) annual salary
• feeling happier and more content.

This is a book that people can use, not just agree with. Underspent examines in detail the problems caused by impulse shopping addictions, what triggers our shopping and buying, the challenges and personal battles we face when quitting and the seven steps to being Underspent. This is a practical guide for men and women who want to quit shopping and save money. With case studies, stories, information and practical exercises, Rachel shows you how to apply the seven steps.

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April 15
Rachel Smith
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