Book 3 - The Henry Brothers


A Second Chance Small Town Romance

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Publisher Description

When you come undone, sometimes the only way to find yourself is to go back home…



I was about to land my dream writing job when I hit a plot twist.

See, I inherited a fixer-upper inn in my small hometown. Where my first love—the guy who broke my heart—still lives.

I wish I could say our chemistry disappeared. But it hasn’t. 

So now, I have to figure out how to walk down memory lane without repeating history.

Because there’s no way I can afford to give him a second chance…


I hurt Ava, and I wouldn’t blame her for hating me. I’d hate me, too. 

But that doesn’t mean I ever stopped wanting her.

She’s just as smart and sexy as ever. Avoiding her would be like avoiding…sunlight.

So, if she wants a hot fling while she’s in town, I’ll give it to her.

I know she’ll probably end up taking my heart with her when she leaves me—and Dragonfly Lake—in her rearview.

But that’s my problem. Not hers…

Undone, book 3 in the Henry Brothers series, is a light, small town, contemporary romance that can be read as a standalone. It has a little humor, some spicy times, and plenty of emotional, heartwarming moments. Download today and watch Cash and Ava find their way back to each other.

April 11
Lake House Publishing LLC
Amy L. Knupp

Customer Reviews

dektolia ,

Great performances for the audiobook

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Samantha Brentmoor and Patrick Zeller. I've listened to a lot of audiobooks, and this narration stood out as a true performance. There was a ton of emotion infused into the words. The audio really enhanced the story.

I'm not usually a fan of second chance, but I liked that the story was well done with more mature characters. I also like the supporting characters from the series in general, and I'm interested in reading more of the series.

I received a copy of the audiobook at my request, and the opinions here are my own.

Great start to a series! ,

Such a fun series, wonderful listen!

Undone is the third book in the Henry Brothers series, and I am so loving making my way through it, earbuds firmly in place, certain that observers think I’m crazy when I laugh out loud, shout, “Oh, no!” or get the dreamy swoony look. Perfect as a standalone but trust me, you need to get to intimately know all these guys and their family, friends and special loved ones. Because the Henry Brothers are special. They grew up in a loving home, cherished, wanted, secure in the knowledge that family would always be there for them. But upon closer inspection, they have all had vulnerabilities, concerns, worries, fears and secrets that made them each feel ‘less than’ in their own way. Which is why they most definitely need the love of that woman who is perfectly right for them. And for Cash who could it possibly be but Ava? The one that got away. Or more precisely, the one he sprinted away from twenty years ago with no explanation. He is gruff, has friends but keeps most things close. He is a wildly talented and successful chef, but also has a ton of baggage he carries around with him about his self-defined failures. And Cash is no second-chance guy. Once and done as far as he is concerned. He blew it and that’s that, he won’t ever be able to successfully overcome that shortcoming. And just how irresistible and adorable does that make him? He didn’t expect these feelings with Ava to resurface when he sees her again. Heck, he didn’t expect to ever see her again. But now that she’s here? A minute, an hour, a day, a week – he just wants to enjoy every second he has with her now, his body and his heart are telling him to just give in, relax for once. She’s going back to LA. Does he want her to? Who knows? He wants her to finally realize her dreams, to have what she wants instead of always forcing down her own desires to take care of others. But can he lose her again? Can he walk away like he did last time?

And what’s up with that writer guy, Knox Breckenridge, who showed up in book one and says he’s never leaving Dragonfly Lake now? That he’s fallen in love with the place and is planning to settle in. Holden and Seth didn’t pay him too much attention, but Cash doesn’t like or trust him, and for now I’m on Team Cash. I thought maybe Knox was going to expose Everly when she was trying to hide out or expose Seth’s secret in book two. That didn’t happen, but my maybe-overactive-reader-imagination still has me wondering if he’s writing a tell-all book or something about Dragonfly Lake. Don’t know but something about him makes me cringe. Or maybe hope there’s a Knox’s Story book in the future?

Ava has come home to Dragonfly Lake for her aunt’s funeral, the only family she had left. And to see what repairs and remodeling are needed and to find a manager for her aunt’s baby, the Honeysuckle Inn. She grew up working at the inn but she’s a writer, not an innkeeper. She has an amazing opportunity in LA – this could be her shot, what she’s always dreamed of. So she makes her lists and gets going fixing thing up, preparing for when she can go home. But as she reconnects with people she knew long ago and meets new people, settles into a routine, Dragonfly Lake starts to feel an awful lot like home. And of course there’s the Cash thing. Yes, he broke her heart when he up and left her, but he’s even more good-looking now (can that even be possible with a Henry man??), so sweet, so helpful, so considerate, so appealing – and so much heat in his gorgeous eyes – that that broken heart of hers starts going pitty-pat and she starts wondering What If? I was ready to travel to Dragonfly Lake myself if I had to and make Cash and Ava find a way for this to work. Because if there were ever two people who belong together, no matter how many years have passed, it’s these two.

Author Amy Knupp has crafted another enticing, enjoyable, impossible to stop listening book. We catch up with friends and family from previous books, meet new people we might like someday but don’t quite yet, laugh, cry, worry. Ava and Cash lean in, pull back, lean in – the tension is unbearably perfect. And there is a big surprise at the end and a tantalizing peek at what might come in the next book. Two more stellar narrators for this book series, Patrick Zeller & Samantha Brentmoor, give you all the shivers of emotion with their perfect pacing, perfect portrayal of our two lovebirds’ personalities. 100% satisfying all around.

I received a free audio copy of Undone from the author via Home Cooked Books. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am loving making my way through this satisfying series. I voluntarily leave this review; all opinions are my own.

beforetheshow ,

Second chance & inherited Inn in need of improvement.

Thanks to Home Cooked Books for the ALC & the chance to give my candid review.

by Amy Knupp

Narrated by Patrick Zeller & Samantha Brentmoor.

Story Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (0-5)
Narration: 🎧🎧🎧🎧 (0-5)
Overall Rating: 4/5
Steam: 🔥🔥🔥☄️ 3.5/5

What I’m Starry-Eyed Over:
🤩 Small-town goodness & helpers all around.
🤩 The Inn—I’m such a sucker for an inn, especially one in need of improvements. Read the blurb!!
🤩 Second-chance romance—so much love and longing from their earlier-in-life love and breakup.
🤩 When Cash feeds Ava and apologizes.
🤩 Jealousy at the bar.
🤩 Introvert female MC—it feels like a rare treat.
🤩 Kitchen and frosting fun!
🤩 Family teasing.

What I’m Wishing/Dizzy About:
💫 I was hoping for a few more laughs and a little more in the lusty feels. So greedy, I know.

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